Week 21, Our Close Favorites!
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Friday, May 25, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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When I think of this week's theme, Close - I like to think about sitting nice and cuddly with my husband on our bright red sofa enjoying a movie...despite that the only thing we've sat close and watched this week was Storage Wars, Yeeeepppp! That's what we do. As a photographer, Close, always makes me think of the macro lens. I've got the 35mm macro in my camera bag - I call it the "will I really use this thing before I spend a bunch of money on it" starter macro lens. This lens is about $250 - which is very reasonable considering how amazing these lenses are the higher you go up. The 50mm temps me. I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful close shots you guys found this week. There were amazing flowers, critters and some really close creative finds. Without further ado...lets highlight this week's top ten. As always our top ten is in no particular order. If you enjoy the shot, shout about it! It's hard to narrow down each week's theme to one shot, or to choose between the endless setting and lens options....send out some pats on the back. Do it. It just feels good. Here we go... 

ONE {Amazing intensity & great fast shutter speed to capture this VERY Calvin Klein Moment in the hot HOT Texas sun.}

Wk 21 - Closer

Wk 21 - Closer By clwick


TWO {I was so impressed with not only the Monet-like tones in this great shot but your interesting subject. Such an interesting field of flowers. Love it!}

Week 21 Close

Week 21 Close By Catino Creations


THREE {I enjoyed the bright colors and your point of view for this shot. It's really a fun & creative shot!}

Picture made for EllenburgPhotography~Week 21/52~Closer

Picture made for EllenburgPhotography~Week 21/52~Closer By Anastasia Fiske


FOUR {Love the DOF and the crisp detail from the red strings right down to the dirt on the ball. I love baseball.}

 Week 21 - Closer

Week 21 - Closer By jenfosterphoto


FIVE {Gorgeous sunset & I love the silhouetted closeness on the pier. Really makes a great addition to this week's theme!}


Closer By Cramershots


SIX {Great pink Pop! Love that it's a full frame of pink awesomeness!}

Pink Rose ~ Ready for its close-up!

Pink Rose ~ Ready for its close-up! By brendec7


SEVEN {An excellent capture on a dreary day. The motion blur really makes this Close shot POP. Great work!}


Closer_3939 By jodiemasterman


EIGHT {Not only is it close, but it's just plain fun to look at. Great work.}

Closer - 21/52

Closer - 21/52 By newbiegirl77


NINE {Not only are Daisies are the friendliest flower (favorite movie quote, any guesses?) but they seem to last the longest. I love them. Hands down my favorite flower. You captured it beautifully with wonderful detail!}

Week 21 ~

Week 21 ~ "Close" / MPE Project 366 ~ 141/366 By MPE by Irela www.mpebyirela.com


TEN {I love the darkness of this shot & the selective focus. Nice work.}

EP Project 52

EP Project 52 "closer" 21/52 By magova

Week 22's theme is "From the Kitchen"

Taken with my E-5 using the 35mm 3.5 Macro lens. Edited with Photoshop CS6, Nik Define 2.0 & Nik Viveza 2.0...enhanced with the New Florabella Action & Design set. Like it - use coupon code Color20 to save $20 this week.

22/52 Pink & Tasty

22/52 Pink & Tasty By Ellenburg Photography

You are looking at my very first adult kitchen purchase - I've always wanted a shiny black Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  Am I a baker? Not so much. In fact, I actually had to dust this mixer to feel good about taking this photo! I made a bright pink strawberry bunt cake to go along with dinner last night. It was pink and tasty. Good luck finding something great from your kitchen or someone else's kitchen :-) There's nothing more fun than saying, "What's for dinner? I brought my camera." Get out there and have fun with this week's theme!

What's new with Daphne?


New nameless baby is doing great. We had a great doctor's visit.  He has actually stopped hiding from our doctor. Hooray. I gained 5 pounds instead of only 4 - sad face. We passed our Glucose test & celebrated with this slice of Key West Key Lime pie. {so much for that extra pound} Also, the new name up for consideration is ..... Jefferson. I like it.

Bought this movie. Movie night's epic fail.


Took Madison to her very first Birthday party invite - a swim party.


Found a Lady bug on my new scarf...


Downloaded this app on my ipad - and it's GREAT! Check it out. I'm gearing up for my fun wedding weekend. {Fingers crossed for Awesomeness!}


Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and Photography! And for those of you enjoying a glorious 3 day weekend - Live it up!


Daphne Ellenburg is a budding photography business owner in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants in home studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and all things Olympus. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at Ellenburg Photography {Website} {Facebook} {EP Blog}{Daphne's Blog}{Join EP Project 52}

Ellenburg Photography's award winning photographer, Daphne Ellenburg, specializes in Wedding Photography and Family Portraiture. We are located just north of Mobile Alabama. We proudly serve all of Alabama, and Gulfcoast Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. (251) 656-7601




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Irela - Thank you Daphne for the feature. This wonderful group challenges me every week. You sure have gathered up an amazing group of wonderfully talented photographers. Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!! :) :) :)