Week 32, our Childish Fun Favorites!
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Friday, August 10, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Childish fun is a great way to live. I try my best to do something goofy each day - today's goofy thing was after dinner tonight....it all started with Jackson claiming his summer growth spurt. He not so secretly can't wait to be taller than his mother. This led to a round table discussion of "how tall are you"...my Mom said she was 5'5" - I said, "No way are you taller than me" Then this led to back to back measuring, hosted by Michael. And with lots of giggles and mysteries solved, looks like my Mom is taller than me - but as she continues to age, I pointed out that I will reclaim my taller status. {It's pure science and completely out of my control} And Jackson...despite his growth spurt, is still not taller than me. {Ha. Ha.} I'd just like him to continue to look up to me. It's going to be a while before he catches up to Michael...and I'm jealous of that.

You guys really found some fun childish things this week. I really had a great time going through the photographs each day. Without further delay....here comes the top ten.

Our top ten is always featured in no particular order. If you like the artist, a link to see more of their work is directly below. Check them out - send them some love...or for even more fun....join our group and share in the joy.

Here we go...


ONE {The rabbit ears are classic childish fun. I love the clouds, and the unhappy frowning shark but most of all I love Paw Paw. This shot is awesome!}

PaPaw goes deep sea fishing

PaPaw goes deep sea fishing By Mimi Pearl 2012

TWO {Great purple pops & Love the wood grain capture - I could almost reach out and feel it. Very nice.}


FUN By laurasheppardphotography Visit me at www.facebook.com/laurasheppardphotography

THREE {The expressions here are priceless. In fact these expressions will appear for each and every bottle of soda and Mentos. You just can't not look like this. Fun Fun Fun!}

childish fun

childish fun By jules1836

FOUR {This is just hilarious. It's like Rocky and the Honeymooners all in one, but better. I love it so much. The black and white processing really makes it even more fab - it that is even possible.}

Week 32

Week 32 "Childish Fun" // MPE Project 366 ~ 219/366 By MPE by Irela



FIVE {This has all kinds of childish fun oozing all over, from the plant inspired eyebrows to the sneak in ninja effect of the super cheese smiler over the shoulder. Fantastic.}


IMG_2076 By renee.deno

SIX {Beautiful color pops complete with fantastic reflection. Who doesn't love marbles?}

Week 31 Childs Play

Week 31 Childs Play By Catino Creations

SEVEN {This is every boy's dream. They look fantastic together. Gorgeous processing. It really makes the look pop.}


EP "Childish Fun" 32/52 By magova

EIGHT {I like to think, when you pull out the elusive chocolate laced cereal - this is the natural childlike response. You nailed it to perfection. Big Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl! I hope she gets the water squirter.}

Childish Fun 32/52

Childish Fun 32/52 By newbiegirl77

NINE {Love your POV and this soft processing - it really keeps this feeling wonderfully vintage. This toy is such a wonderful treat. Great work this week!}

Project 52 Week 32/52 - Childish Fun

Project 52 Week 32/52 - Childish Fun By Fur Will Fly

TEN {The jump shot is a children's favorite & when grown ups rock it out too - it makes it all the more fun. I'm seeing this somewhere gynormous in your beautiful home. I love it! Everything about it!}

EP 32/52 {Childish Fun}

EP 32/52 {Childish Fun} By ib4luvnit

Week 33's theme is "Guilty Pleasure" - Ahhh, Guilty Pleasures - we all have them. I've had one for as long as I can remember. Something only for me. Something I never have to share. Something I can't bare to be without. What could it be? Anti-Aging fun. Yep. That's who I am - a great big bucket of shallow. I want to look young forever, so what. I'm in love with this stuff. If they ever go belly up, I might die.

33/52 Forever Young

33/52 Forever Young By Ellenburg Photography

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

This week started with musical bedrooms. Drama. There is nothing worse that spending the entire day moving only to realize we didn't even get to go anywhere. All the furniture was successfully moved - now everyone is moving in and I'm working on changing Jackson's former blue boy room into a gorgeous purple palace for Madison.


It's coming together. I found her curtains today :-) Michael & I took her to look for a new bed...and came back with an entire room of fun. 


I'll be the first to say it...that Disney can make one dreamy baby girl bedroom. When you ask Madison about her new bed, she says - "It has diamonds on it" She's going to be one great adventure. Her furniture arrives next week.

This was my favorite delivery of the week ...


Isn't it cool? A great company out of sunny California called mycamerastrap.com created this magical fun strap for me.

I'm nearing the end of this great pregnancy. Visiting the Doctor every week now. She's confident that we won't see Jefferson this week. But Maybe next week, but I doubt it.

Wishing you a wonderful week of Family, Fun, Photography and a little guilty pleasure. Make it a great week!



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