Lots of Treasure, No Pirates
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Saturday, March 02, 2013
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Trinkets and Treasures were quite the adventure for week Nine. Some of us dug through boxes and attics like household pirates with our precious treasure, some took our Trinkets and Treasures on an adventure for the perfect background, and others of us only had to open our eyes to see our treasure. The great thing about this week is it's personal. Everyone has a different treasure. It was fun to see the great things important to our photographers....great things like Baseball, Wine, Recipes, Flowers and lots of great sparkling jewelry. It was wonderful to get a peek into your lives this week. And for laughs, I was pretty sure one of you guys were going to dig up a pirate for us.

Our top ten is always in no particular order. If you enjoy the shot {and you will} the artists links are directly below it. Visit their page. Give them some love. Pat some backs. It feels good. Do it. Here we go...

ONE {Love the tone and the awesome handwritten note from your super hot husband! You must have made some marvelous Vegas Bride!}

Week 9 ~ Trinkets & Treasures

Week 9 ~ Trinkets & Treasures By MPE by Irela



TWO {That Pink really pops. Love the DOF and the great verse. "For where your Treasure is There will your Heart be also" Very wonderful choice.}

9/52 Trinket/Treasure

9/52 Trinket/Treasure By sksurman

THREE  {The gold tone is so awesome and the fact that they are so tiny and look so giant is fantastic. Great work!}

Yesteryears Trinkets

Yesteryears Trinkets By Catcher In My Eye

FOUR  {I love the story. A perfect background for your treasure! Very nicely done.}

9/52: Stitches In Time

9/52: Stitches In Time By eburney68

FIVE  {Old cameras are always a fun treasure for photographers. A friend gave me an old keystone, I just love it. Great POV!}

Week 9/52 - Trinkets and Treasures

Week 9/52 - Trinkets and Treasures By Lisa Kollberg

SIX  {Beautiful texture, beautiful reflection, Lovely all the way around! Great shot!}

Project 52 Trinkets and Treasures

Project 52 Trinkets and Treasures By ayers549

SEVEN {Love your set up. You worked so hard and it's gorgeous. The verse is perfect.
"We now have this light shining in our hears, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes is clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves." Well done.}

9/52 trinkets and treasure

9/52 trinkets and treasure By dettaowens

EIGHT {Love this sparkling kitty treasure- the textured set up is pure perfection. Great shot!}

Week 9 - Trinkets and Treasures

Week 9 - Trinkets and Treasures By planetrudy

NINE {Beautiful story. Beautifully illustraited. Excellent work. And thank god for Moms.}

9/52 {Trinkets & Treasures}

9/52 {Trinkets & Treasures} By DoubleLPhoto

TEN {Love the tone. Love the real and the bubblegum number. Love that this ring was designed by your husband. Great story. Great photograph.}

Week 9/52 Trinkets and Treasures

Week 9/52 Trinkets and Treasures By Catherine_PDX

Honorable Mention {Love the soft tone and all the wonderful blend that is so perfectly arranged. Great shot! Great set up.}


EP "Trinkets and Treasures" 9/52 By magova

Week 10's them is: "Stack It"

Most mornings in the Ellenburg House are 9 egg mornings. On Wednesday I took my multi-tasking to the extreme with my cracking, flipping, and snapping. No eggs were burned during the taking of this photograph.

fb 130227 Egg-01

10/52 Eggtastic Morning By Ellenburg Photography

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

My workshop Saturday was a hit. No crickets. I always feel like a rock star when my name is one the door of the public library. 


I celebrated after super low-carb with new shoes and a bottle of water. {this shoes are so awesome and shiny.}


Bought Madison some shoes too - she thinks she's such a diva. We shopped for an Easter dress - and she thought these could be her Easter shoes too. Silly girl.


Mike put us all to work last week on his newest rental project. The 1950's kitchen is slowly transforming.


Oh yes I did. Can you say Mother Daughter Hot buns? {Wait, that sounds bad.} But whatever. I rocked my hot bun nearly every day this week.


Watched the awards. Bought the movie. Still didn't watch it. {Sad face}


I've become addicted to this product. Fair warning of it's awesomeness. {It tastes like Red bull to me.}


And tonight, while the boys were at the baseball field of dreams, Madison and I made Sushi. Did you know I make one fine roll?


And I almost forgot - It's the tail end of Photoshop Week on Creative LIVE - If you haven't watched, check it out. It's FREE while it's LIVE and it's a bargin for 40 classes by Adobe instructors for only $299. I picked it up and already downloaded all of Lindsey Adlers workshops. I could watch her rearrange beautiful faces all day! {and I might} Wishing you a wonderful week filled with fun, family and Photography! Make it a GREAT week!




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Detta - This truly was an awesome week. Loved seeing the various treasures and how each person shared them. I also love the stories