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Saturday, March 09, 2013
By Daphne Ellenburg
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What is a Stack? A stack is a pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged. I saw some great stacks this week. Both inside and outside on well orchestrated field trips of photography fun. There were stacks I could eat, stacks I could spend, and stacks I'd be tempted to tip over if we lived closer. No matter how you found or created your stack - we loved it! You guys really went all out on your comments this week. Pats on the back to you. We are one big love sharing group of Photogs. Great work.


Our top ten is always in no particular order. If you enjoy the shot (and you will) click and visit their work. Join their page. Send them some love - it feels good! Here we go... 

ONE {Love the circles. Love the bright bold colors. Love that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Deep.}

Wk10/52 The Last Straws

Wk10/52 The Last Straws By number 09 (Tony)

TWO  {Who wouldn't love a quick trick brick block stack? If I had to pick my favorite Dr. Seuss book, it would be Fox in Sock - hands down! Great idea! Very creative!}


stack By jules1836

THREE  {Silver and gold tones and lots of money - your shiny pig is super fab - love the reflection!}

Stack It

Stack It By laurasheppardphotography Visit me at 

FOUR {Bet it all! This is one great stack. Hmmmm....what would I buy, new shoes. Yep, some like Bernadette. Great spotlight - really makes it pop! And when I think about cards, i think about Vegas and then remember I feel like I'm the only one not in Vegas rocking out wppi. I want to go to Vegas too.}

Week 10 - Stack It

Week 10 - Stack It By Cramershots

FIVE {It defies gravity. I love the mystery. I love the background. This is a super FAB shot!}


Stacked By GRKIII

SIX {Mmmmmm. Tasty texture and a gorgeous Green background pop. Great idea - love the POV.}

10/52 stacked up

10/52 stacked up By dettaowens

SEVEN {Irela, you made the ordinary extraordinary. I have two stacks of disks on my desk right now and they look like crap compared to yours. I had to cover them up with a lens cloth just so I wouldn't have to look at them anymore. Great shot. You are awesome.}

Week 10 ~ Stack it

Week 10 ~ Stack it By MPE by Irela


EIGHT {The warm seaside tones are perfect. I love the set up and I love all the great things you've been shooting with seashells this week. Great stack shot.}

Week 10 Stacked

Week 10 Stacked By Catino Creations

NINE {The most beautiful construction paper has ever looked. Great find, great set up and great treasure hunt for your stack. Loved your story - but I always do!}

10/52 {All Stacked Up}

10/52 {All Stacked Up} By DoubleLPhoto

TEN {Hubba Hubba. This shoes are Ah-Mazing! Wonderful tone and great processing. A really great take on the theme.}

Week 10 - Stack It 

Week 10 - Stack It By planetrudy

Week 11 - "BLUE

When I was thinking about Blue week - I immediately went to what makes me "blue" - then I thought, and thought some more i'm pretty I went full color and what makes me happy is ballerinas in blue. If you've been following my facebook page - there have been plenty of blue ballerinas this week :-) This is my very own Blue Ballerina, Madison. And yes, she is rocking her HotBun!

11/52 Blue Ballerina

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

I have been on a serious Creative Live kick. When I wasn't hanging out with Jasmine this week, I'm with Sue. Yesterday I had lunch with Sue - in my kitchen with Madison.


I bought another Movie, I'm too busy to watch. (Okay, I bought the new Twilight movie too) You know those people that pick up a good book for "someday" - I do that with Movies and books. {sigh} 


I fell in love with Ballet again. There is something magical about it. Ballerina's look so glamorous to tiny girls and it's so much fun to watch them try so hard and dance so beautiful. {I tear up everytime I watch her dance} I just LOVE this shot.


I've got a full week ahead. Fingers crossed that it all goes Smooth! And I've got some new cool gadgets coming this week. Wishing you a fantastic week filled with family, fun and photography! Make it a GREAT week!


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Angelia Sims - She looks like a painting in the last photo. Beautiful!
Daphne Ellenburg - Irela - you make me smile! Big Thanks & Rock out your Saturday Night!
Irela - Thank you so much Daphne for the feature and congrats to all the featured photogs. This group is really amazing and come up with the most creative ideas and images!! This was definitely a fun week. Now I am off to polish off the Disco Ball for some Saturday Night Moves!!!! Hugs