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Sunday, February 16, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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What is LOVE? Webster says it's a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child or friend. I think love is like a Beatles song. It's all we need and I want to hold hands, a lot. Hope your LOVE week was filled with extra kisses and hugs and chocolate.

This is my smallest Valentine, Jefferson. He's 18 Months now. Where does the time go? I sure wish it would just hold still sometimes a little longer.

7/52 Jefferson LOVE

Our top ten is always in no particular order. When you LOVE the shot, check out the artists. Chances are you will enjoy more of their work. Artist links are directly below each shot. Ready? Here we go...

ONE {Wonderful Lighting and GREAT POV}

7/52 Love 7/52 Love by Melisa 

TWO {Wonderful Shadow and focus. This is such a lovely gift!}

Project 53 Week 7/52 Topic - Love IMG_2487-2.jpg

Project 53 Week 7/52 Topic - Love IMG_2487-2.jpg by norasphotos4u 

THREE {Puppy LOVE is so darn cute. Congrats on the new adorable super fluffy addition to your home.}

EP 52 7/52 {love} Welcome to the

EP 52 7/52 {love} Welcome to the "hood" little one.. by Anita

FOUR {Beautiful processing in Black and white. I love these eyelashes and super cute expressions.}

Project 52 Love

Project 52 Love by Terry Lynn Ayers 

FIVE {Love this GREAT crop! Great idea for this week.}

{Love} week 7/52

Love} week 7/52 by karisworld 

SIX {Love the RED color pop to your processing. It really stands out!}

7/52 love

7/52 love by Michele

SEVEN {This heart is seriously perfect! GREAT creation by you and your little helpers. I love that they are active in your project! The colors are fantastic}

Week 7 - Love

Week 7 - Love by Jen Foster 

EIGHT {So much wonderful red by your little house keeper! He's adorable!}

7/52 - Love

7/52 - Love by Kara Gootee-Robinson 

NINE {Wonderful texture on your nut-tastic Valentine gift!}

EP 2014  -  7/52 - Love

EP 2014 - 7/52 - Love by Cindy 

TEN {Gorgeous hands perfectly posed. Great detail to your black and white. Nicely done.}

7/52~ Theme: Love

7/52~ Theme: Love "Our Time is at HAND" by Catcher In My Eye 

Week 8's theme is - "MORE Than ONE"

Sneak Peek Alert! Week 9's theme is "Up Close & Personal"

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?

I've been working endlessly. And I'm not complaining. In fact, it's really exciting and so rewarding.  I went from shooting 3-5 people this week to shooting over 150. Yes, it's dance season. I love it. It's one of my favorite times of the year. We have two glorious dance weekends in a row! And Michael is my wonderful assistant. I'm shooting tethered into my computer and Michael is selling portraits. Ask me how many time I stepped on my tether cord? Ask me how many time Michael called me Sasquatch Foot? Enough for me to be embarrassed and enough for Michael to one click Amazon me a super awesome wireless tether system for next weekend. I sure do LOVE that guy.

I photographed my tiny ballerina this week. I really LOVE to shoot tiny ballerinas like a Degas painting.

fb 140213 Jeff Madison-60 Edit

I'll be editing my little heart out all week and then doing it all over again next week. 

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with Family, FUN and Photography! Make it a GREAT week!





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Daphne Ellenburg is the owner of a Portrait photography business located in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants NEW 2000 sq ft studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and newly all things Canon. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at Ellenburg or email her at

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Jen - Shooting tethered is so fun! I agree the cord is a bit annoying. I'm excited to find out how you like the wireless system. Keep us posted! Thanks for the feature!