Week 12, Our Favorites for "Get a Grip"!
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Friday, March 23, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Week 12's "Get a Grip" was inspired by Alfred Stieglitz. For those of you who hadn't heard of him or didn't "google" him - he was a film photographer widely known for his "Hand Photography.
He lived 1864-1946. He worked in an art gallery promoting fine art & fine art photography in New York. His work did not really become noticed until late in his life. He is widely known for being married to painter, Georgia O'Keeffe. His "hand photography" is none short of amazing - mind you some of it's a bit "risky" but none the less fabulous. This is one of my favorites - simply called "Hands"
Can you believe it sold as recently for an artist record of $1.4 Million Dollars? Seriously, I'm happy dancing when I sell one for $100 bucks.
Regardless this week's theme of "Get a Grip" had some wonderful interpretations. We had hands doing all kinds of things, like playing sports, gripping phones and drinks, and yes; even Frogs. I loved our artist interpretations on the theme this week too - I think that's the most fun to see what kind of creative things that you come up with. The only thing I thought I'd see, but didn't was "Praying" hands - none the less I loved them all and hope that you guys enjoyed our tiny, extremely brief art history lesson.
Now, on to the top Ten. Our weekly top ten is never in any particular order. The artist information is directly below the photography. If you enjoy the photograph, click over to flickr and leave them some group love. And stop by their websites - if they've got them and check out what they are up to. The nicest thing about our group is the enthusiasm we give each other to carry on through each weekly assignment despite our busy busy lives. Your words matter and mean something - thanks for dishing out your kindness to the group!

ONE {I love love love the blue pop in this photo - great POV!}
Picture made for EllenburgPhotography~Week 12~Get a Grip

Picture made for EllenburgPhotography~Week 12~Get a Grip By Anastasia Fiske

TWO {Beautiful detail in the hands and fingernails. Love the Black & White!}
project 52/12 {get a grip}

project 52/12 {get a grip} By jsnnmom

THREE {This made me smile. Great patience & timing! Wonderfully sharp.}
Week 12 ~ "Get A Grip"  {MPE Project 365 ~79/366}

Week 12 ~ "Get A Grip" {MPE Project 365 ~79/366} By MPE by Irela
www.mpebyirela.com www.myphotographiceyebyirela.blogspot.com


FOUR {Awesomely fun POV. Wonderful in Black and White.}
EP 12/52

EP 12/52 By Andrewfierro

FIVE {Excellent detail in the hands. These are working hands. Fantastic in Black and White!}
12/52 ~ Get A Grip

12/52 ~ Get A Grip By Moopiecow

SIX {I love the detail in your Husbands face & hands, the selective color on the phone and the beautiful processing. Great shot!}

Grip020 By jodiemasterman

SEVEN {Happy Birthday Treasure! I do this birthday week - I still haven't changed my age on all those dumb house gadgets like my electronic scale. Great color pops - Love Love Love it!}
EP 12/52 {Get a Grip}

EP 12/52 {Get a Grip} By ib4luvnit

EIGHT {Great Greens. Dirty hands & Big eyed-gynormous frogs. Love it.}
Get a grip on that frog!

Get a grip on that frog! By Joyful Reflections


NINE {Beautifully put together. Great detail. The black shirt made this shot pop nicely.}
12/52 get a grip

12/52 get a grip By dettaowens

TEN {Gorgeous processing - a little warmer than black and white, it worked great on this shot!}
Week 12 - Get a grip

Week 12 - Get a grip By jenfosterphoto

HONORABLE MENTION {Great hand detail. Loved the farm story. It reminded me that every year while Christmas shopping, I always pick up the new farmer's almanac. And every year, my husband says; "Daphne, we will not be farmers next year" One day, he will say - yes, this is the year we become farmers and that inevidently means we will get a chicken.}
12/52 {Get A Grip}

12/52 {Get A Grip} By DoubleLPhoto

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK ~ This is really a fun way to highlight your business, consider signing up on our Flickr page to have your work featured here and on my sites {Just do it, you know you want to} - we'd love to help send some traffic your way. This week...let's Celebrate Claire.
Project 52 Week 12/52 - Get a Grip

Project 52 Week 12/52 - Get a Grip By Fur Will Fly

So, who is Claire?
Claire 2
Claire is a Nikon girl with a Science degree and the heart of an artist living in the UK. She is doing all kinds of great things. If you visit Claire's Flickr page for Fur Will Fly, you can view a current 1,830 interesting shots.
Claire Flickr
She is making creative animals at one of my favorite places, Etsy.
Claire Etsy
And she writes a great blog. I particularly enjoy the one sentence journal weekly entries - great stuff! Read it, you'll love it!
Claire Blog
Warm thanks to Claire for being our featured photographer of the week - please visit her wonderful work and send her some love!

Week 13's theme is "Just before Dark"
13/52 An Evening Walk
I've been holding myself prisoner in my home with this pregnancy {partially because last week, my pants don't fit. Sad Face.} My husband forced me to take a walk with him & Madison - I brought along my camera & I'm glad I did. I'm sure we will see some wonderful ideas come out of this group of photographers with this week's theme!

What's New with Daphne?
Well, I'm considering returning to my 10 mile bike rides. I use considering loosely - but I thought if I wrote about it this week I'd be more inclined to do it. I've also been spending lots of time at the ball park - I love sitting on those metal benches covering in bug spray surrounded by my family.

This morning I baked sweet rolls for my boys. {Partially because I'm in love with my oven, affectionately known as Rosie.}

I also took some wonderful portraits of little miss Madison for her Dance Recital Book. {I'm still editing these great shots!}
fb 12-03-21 Madison Dance-18aa
I'm doing my first ad for this Dance book - I think it's pretty snazzy. (Her recital is in June) I'm turning it in today.
FB Studio 43 Ad
Lastly...no new news on the baby. Doctor was out birthing babies during my appointment...but the good news is that I go back today at 3:15. Hopefully, I will be less paranoid about being pregnant and 36 by this evening.
Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with Family, Fun and Photography!

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So, What is EP Project-52?
I joined Project 52
We're a group for Photography Enthusiast and Professionals all teaching and learning through each other by photographing to a theme each week. We post our photos to our Flickr group each week by Thursday Midnight and start a new theme each Friday. Each Friday we spotlight 10 photographers and tell why they are featured. Our focus is on education (the how tos) and encouragement (don't be afraid to try something new). I'll bet there is something you'd like to learn. And...I'll bet there is something you can teach us. Check out the group, we're 66 strong this week! It's free to join and the friendships you'll make are priceless. Join us today!


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detta owens - thanks for the feature, Daphne. I really love all the hand shots. I'm off to see what else is in the gallery.
Irela - Thanks for the feature Daphne!! I am truly enjoying this Project....making friends along the way and learning from all the talent out there. Thanks again .......... Happy Dancing!!!! :) :) :)
Anastasia Fiske - Thank you so much....i am thrilled ...thanks again.
Daphne Ellenburg - Anastasia - You're welcome as always! You're so talented!
Irela - I'm so glad you're enjoying the project - I know I am! And You know I love it when you do your Happy Dance! :-)