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Sunday, May 20, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Remember when you watched a Liam Neeson movie and you knew he'd be dead before it was over, because that was his stereotypical character? That was not the case after "Taken", he was a totally different guy. He became such a bad-ass, and I like that. Seriously, I think I watched "Taken" 50 times. Many Friday Nights at the Ellenburg House is Movie night. Since I got to pick this week... I chose, The Grey. This was not exactly related to the fact that we watched Teen Wolf first - but it was indeed a wolf movie evening. I really wanted to see it on the big screen and missed it, but it came out on Blu-Ray this week, so I picked it up. I thought it was going to be Taken but with wolves. I was psyched!


Spoiler Alert: First up, I was a little disappointed, the R rating was not for Man on Wolf violence - but for pervasive language. And by Pervasive Language, they don't mean like in Ferris's day off - it was more F this and not big boy friendly - exit kids.


Liam plays the typical lonely guy surrounded by a flock of other lonely guys who are supposed to be rough and tough oil field workers. There is a plane crash in the freezing snow where Liam takes the lead for survival. After viewing this movie, I'm left to believe that these are either the six dumbest collection of make- believe roughneck oil field workers, because while working together they could only take out one wolf during the entire movie....


Or...They forgot to mention that these were a super pack of genetically engineered killer wolves intent on a rampage of bloody revenge. These are not the friendly wolves of of Teen Wolf or Twilight, as we watched them devour survivor after survivor. When I told this to Michael - he said, "Are you Crazy Daphne? Those Twilight wolves were scary as hell, they went from a group of guys to team of wolves in nothing flat." He obviously forgot that scene where Bella got to pet the wolves. 

While I prefer my Plane crash movies to have a semi-happy ending like "The Edge" - this one did not deliver. It was cold and depressing filled with Men who's only happy memories were wallet sized photos of photos of the children they'd never see again. Heads up, it's A real downer.


Liam, while I would have preferred and expected you to go all "Taken" on these wolves, you let me down. If you have gone back to getting wacked in every movie, I don't think I check out Battleship after all. Just Sayin. PS. I'd Like my $25 bucks back, we should have watched Teen Wolf II. I give it two thumbs down, because I only have two thumbs. :-)



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