Week 33, Our Guilty Pleasure Favorites!
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Friday, August 17, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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This week we saw that Guilty Pleasures come in all forms - and as I was researching the most common guilty pleasures...there is just as much information defending most of our choices as more healthy than guilty. That's disappointing.  I like feeling a little guilty about diving into my "guilty pleasures" - that might be the best part. I'm already looking forward to this weekend's guilty pleasure...it's a double guilty dish of Blu-ray pleasure for Saturday's release of both The Avengers & The Hunger Games. {Oh, boy! I can't wait!} It was fun to see a little bit of myself in your guilty pleasure choices. I'll bet you'll see a little bit of you in these too :-)

Our top ten is in no particular order. If you enjoy the photo, check out the photographer. Links to his or her work is directly below. Tell them what you like - they would love to hear it! Here we go...

ONE {Beautiful POV - love your lens choice, the bent lines make this shot so much more interesting. Great choice!}

Project 52 Seaglass

Project 52 Seaglass By ayers549

TWO {Nothing says guilty like an empty package - love this idea. Very well done!}

EP "Guilty Pleasure" 33/52

EP "Guilty Pleasure" 33/52 By magova

THREE {Great color POP! & wonderful selective focus. Love this shot.}

Week 33 "Guilty Pleasure" // MPE Project 366 ~ 228/366

Week 33 "Guilty Pleasure" // MPE Project 366 ~ 228/366 By MPE by Irela


FOUR {Great liquid structure in the pour. Love the limited colors. This is great all the way around. Nice work!}

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure By SillyAngel0906

FIVE {Awesome Texture overlay! You made this look as fantastic as it tastes. Mmmmm, iced coffee!}

33/52 ~ Guilty Pleasure

33/52 ~ Guilty Pleasure By Moopiecow

SIX {This made me want to travel to Australia for some chocolate. Great texture & wonderful tasty details.}

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure By laurasheppardphotography Visit me at www.facebook.com/laurasheppardphotography

SEVEN {Mmmm...wonderful tasty displays of chocolate. Very creatively put together!}

Guilty Pleasure...Chocolate!

Guilty Pleasure...Chocolate! By Joyful Reflections

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EIGHT {Love the blue color pop against the wood grain. PS. I think Your Nook is blushing.}

Week 33 - Fifty Shades of Guilty

Week 33 - Fifty Shades of Guilty By jenfosterphoto

NINE {Great POV. Wonderfully colorful collection!}

33/52 Guilty pleasure

33/52 Guilty pleasure By dettaowens

TEN {This is wonderfully creepy. I love everything about it, the framing, the blue tones and the great display of shadows. Very well done!}

Week 32 Guilty Pleasure

Week 33 Guilty Pleasure By Catino Creations

Week 34, "It's a Song" This week while I was in the kitchen, I found a couple of baggies of old birthday candles. And I wondered, why the heck am I keeping these? Well, looks like it's for project 52 :-) Enjoy my song for the week, "Sixteen Candles" ... Edited in Lightroom 4.0 and with NIK's HDR Efex Pro.

120816 Sixteen Candles

34/52 Sixteen Candles By Ellenburg Photography

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg? 

It seems that this week...I can't stop buying baby things. I Ebay'd up this vintage baby scale. It's still somewhere in Ohio.


And a nice Etsy gal in Florida is knitting this hat for Jefferson this week...


And I had no idea all these great cheese clothes I've been loving are all hand dyed. So I got some of these too!


When I wasn't hunting for baby things, I finished Madison's purple palace. Her furniture arrived today and now .... we just have to do a little decorating. She is pretty excited.


Me & New baby, Jefferson have check ups today...so fingers crossed for a great baby report and for my ankles to stick around past lunch for a few days - I miss them so much. It's hard to look cute in my favorite Mary Jane's minus my ankles. Sigh. It's hard to believe that any time now, there could be another tiny Ellenburg. It's really getting exciting. Guess I probably should finish up his room this week. I hope he can hold out until it's finished.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and photography! Make it a GREAT week!




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Life with Kaishon - Way to go Irela! You are a star. What a fun contest : )
Irela - Thank you Daphne for the feature this week. I have to say they were all so great. Keeping you and baby Jefferson in my thoughts this week and looking forward to seeing his photo. Thank yo again {{Happy Dance}}
Daphne Ellenburg - Thanks Ladies! Doc says she doesn't think we'll see baby Jefferson this week. Giving me plenty of time to perfect the Purple Palace & to un-pink his new room :-)
Laura - Thanks, Daphne! Good luck - I will be thinking about you and Baby Jefferson. :)
detta owens - Thanks, Daphne. I get so excited every Friday looking to see who gets featured this week. Love all the guilty pleasures people shared