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Saturday, February 02, 2013
By Daphne Ellenburg
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This week has been a delicate adventure. We saw melting ice, bubbles, flowers, hearts and even laundry. A fun mix of ideas. When I was pondering my delicate lace. I realized, that a lot of our delicate items are not as delicate as who we give them to. Life is delicate. Every moment spent loving our family and friends or watching babies grow is delicate. Of all the delicate treasures, time and life stand out the most to me. Think about it, and give out some extra hugs and kisses today! Do it. {worst case, you get an extra valentine gift}

It was tough to pick only 10 this guys are all doing so well. I love this group. Our top ten is always in no particular order. If you enjoy the shot, the artist's links are directly below each shot, so check out their work. Send them some love. Hit them up on Facebook. They'd love it. Ready. Set. Here we go...

ONE {Beautiful focus, well posed. I love hand shots. These were busy hands. I love it. And Ruby is a wonderful poet too}

A Mothers Hands

Hands that always guided and led

Hands that could stop you

without a word said

Hands that washed and

cleaned your clothes

Hands that ironed the new

dress that she sewed

Hands that always cooked

and canned

Hands that reached out

to help you stand

Hands that wiped your

fevered brow

Hands that knew you needed

a hug somehow

Hands that have been so

strong through the years

Hands that could always

calm your fears

Hands with a touch so light

you barely felt it

Hands now rest with age

so very fragile and delicate


Ruby Garrett

Project 52/5~Delicate

Project 52/5~Delicate By RubySnaps

TWO {The drops of dew make this perfection. Great find for this week! Delicate indeed.}

week 05 Delicate

week 05 Delicate By Catino Creations

THREE {Love the idea. Love the reflection. Great shot. Very Creative.}


IMG_3494_edited-1 By soulshiney

FOUR {Awesome perspective and fantastic freckles. Very well done! What a gorgeous model you have!}

5/52 Delicate

5/52 Delicate By GigiLeann

FIVE {Bravest photographer of the week. We see your panties. (snicker!) I couldn't help myself. Fantastic idea - love the color pops and the great cloud backdrop!}

Week 5 - Delicate

Week 5 - Delicate By planetrudy

SIX {Beautiful focus, beautiful tone and beautiful lashes. A great steady shot. Love it! Great work! You are on fire this week sister!}

Ellenburg Photograpy 5/52

Ellenburg Photograpy 5/52 By Andrewfierro

SEVEN {So jealous. I'll never go on my deck and find a snowflake. Ever. Great find for this week. So beautifully captured!}

delicate snowflake

delicate snowflake By jules1836

EIGHT {Love the color pop and the texture. A delicate rose perfectly photographed.}

Project 52  Delicate

Project 52 Delicate By ayers549

NINE {In love with the warm tone. Such a beautiful piece of functioning art. Awesome.}

Week 5/52 - Delicate

Week 5/52 - Delicate By Lisa Kollberg

TEN {Bold bright pink, sparkling bokeh and SUGAR. What's not to LOVE? Great shot!}

Project 52 - Week 5 - Delicate

Project 52 - Week 5 - Delicate By Angelia's Photography

Honorable Mention {Love the tones and the fuzzy details!}

Feather of a Prop

Feather of a Prop By Ragenna Prince Photography

Honorable Mention {Love the fogginess. Beautifully illustrated complete with prose...}

Love is like a delicate flower.

But no water is needed for its existence.

Only gentle words to feed its roots,

and passion to help it grow.

Trust to help it stand against the breeze

Kindness to carry its pollen far.

And as this flower grows,

so does the wonder of life

never alone will one soul be,

as long as the flower blooms

No frost to shatter its fragility.

~~Ben Littlechild~~

Week 5 ~ Delicate

Week 5 ~ Delicate By MPE by Irela

Week 6's theme is - GREYS

This is a fun week to explore your favorite shades of grey with some black and white photography. 

This is Morgan.

6/52 Grey with Sparkles

She was shot in studio Sunday with 3 soft boxes and her shot was processed in Nik's Silver Efex - very awesome software. One preset, no tweaks. This is one of my favorite shots.

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

I had a full fantastic week! I photographed sweet young Morgan.

fb 130127 Morgan-20a

Did a little shopping. This "E" is awesome.


Talked Madison out of asking for "Hot Buns" at every store we went to. She really wants one. I can't have my 5 year old asking strangers for Hot Buns. The shame. I'll have to order this one online.


I made some wonderful flyers for my Dance Studio clients. They are so colorful and bright, the girls are going to love them.


And baby Jefferson got a present this week from Morgan's Mom...isn't this the cutest thing ever? I can't wait to see his toothy smile.


So what's left? I have twins in the studio Saturday Morning and well of course there is more painting for Mr. Ellenburg. At least I'm nearly done! And I'll probably round out the week cheering for the coaching brother's team of my choice Sunday Night. Ravens. No, 49'ers. No, Ravens. Heck, I don't care - but I hope your team wins! Next year, I'll be rooting for my Saints.


Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, friends and photography! Make it a GREAT week!



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Angelia Sims - I don't know how you picked this week. All were so great! Thank-you for selecting mine. I promise, it was a TREAT to photograph. HA.

I had no idea HOT BUNS were so popular and in demand. LOL! Too funny! The E is awesome. Have a wonderful week (the twins on your Facebook page are just adorable)!
Irela - Thanks Daphne for the feature!! What a great week this was seeing everyone's entries. I have been wanting one of the new "You've Been Featured" for 2013 to add on my know I collect them right?? LOL Thank you again....Happy Dancing in Florida!!!