The Valentine Epic Fail.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Valentine's day. A day of love. A day of excitement. Also known today as, the day after my epic Valentine FAIL.  Shopping for a man who has everything is both a challenge and a piece of cake rolled up into something that is squishy like a twinkie. I can usually just look around for something he's just bought and compliment that. I'm a genius. 

My husband, Michael rarely reads anything that is not a snoozing {yawn} business book written by someone I've never heard of ~ with the exception of his coveted Sports Illustrated magazine. I find that magazine all over the house. It's even on his iPad - so it's totally portable! I knew his subscription was about to expire - so what a great idea ~ I'll renew his subscription and wrap up the new issue. Brilliant! I spent the first half of the week patting myself on the back for my awesome wifeness; until the new issue arrived Wednesday.


Come on, This week is the Swimsuit edition, Seriously? Is this every Valentine's week or just the year I decided to gift it out? Thanks a lot Sports Illustrated. So, I looked through it, and fought the urge immediately hit the gym. Where are the rest of these swim suits? I admittedly didn't buy a suit last year, but did they change that much? I don't know about you ladies, but I didn't feel comfortable wrapping up a half naked woman for my honey for Valentine's day. So last night, here's how it went down: I slid it over to him, cover down. "Here you go, it's still coming every week. Happy Valentine's day!" and "By the way, pretty sure Jackson (our oldest boy) thumbed thru it when he got the mail" Awesome. Happy Valentine's day! 


Wishing you an awesome day filled with ooey gooey love!

And here's a peek at my tiniest Valentine, sweet Baby Jefferson.




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Brenda - Happy Valentine's Day! (And Jefferson is ADORABLE!!)