Week 8, Our Fuzzy Favorites!
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Friday, February 24, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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It's been a wonderfully Fuzzy week here at project-52. I have really enjoyed the exciting things you guys came up with this week! There were things I thought I'd see like, great pets, fuzzy nature and stuffed animals. There where things I thought I might see, like dryer lint, a fuzzy chiseled mans face - all David Beckem-ish, and maybe a peach. But you guys went all out with a fuzzy navel and the fuzzy taco. Seriously, I love it! It's so much fun for me to see the great and creative things this team can come up with. Many thanks for taking these weekly challenges and making something amazing each week. Now on to the top ten, followed by an exciting new feature. Remember, our top ten is in no particular order. If you like the photo, check out the artist links below and send them some love. Photography is a challenge, your words of encouragement could make all the difference to a photographer that struggled with this weeks theme. So, do it, give out some pats on the back! Here we go...

ONE {I love the fun colors - this is a happy photo!}
"Fuzzy" pom pom....Explore!!!

"Fuzzy" pom pom....Explore!!! By magova

TWO {The tones in this shot are perfect - great eye detail. This shot belongs on canvas in your living room!}
Fuzzy - week 8/52

Fuzzy - week 8/52 By newbiegirl77

THREE {Crafty take on this theme! Beautiful Orange color. And who doesn't love a fuzzy navel? Seriously.}
Fuzzy Navel!

Fuzzy Navel! By brendec7

FOUR  {Beautiful Macro! I love the angled perspective!}

2-20 By MrsAhern

FIVE {Gorgeous bright colors & creative take on this week's theme. I so want a fuzzy taco!}
week 8 | fuzzy

week 8 | fuzzy By meredithwb

SIX {Gorgeous tones. And your fuzzy friend is perfectly posed. Nice work!}
8/52 Fuzzy Keystone

8/52 Fuzzy Keystone By Moopiecow

SEVEN {I love the sun burst & it was great that you left some tips on how to create this shot. Nice sharing!}
Project 52 Fuzzy

Project 52 Fuzzy By ayers549

EIGHT {I love everything about this photo. Great perspective. Great detail. You made something weathered, beautiful. Nice work!}
Fuzzy Cattails in the Winter

Fuzzy Cattails in the Winter By Joyful Reflections {Website} {Blog} {Facebook}

NINE {A wonderful fuzzy find. I love the black and white processing!}
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a ????????

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a ???????? By pthurmond1

TEN {Great job capturing the details in the fuzzy feather. Great vintage warm tones.}
Week 8 - Fuzzy

Week 8 - Fuzzy By jenfosterphoto

A new exciting feature...Our EP Project-52 Photographer of the Week is....Irela!
8/52  "Fuzzy"

8/52 "Fuzzy" By MPE by Irela

So, who is Irela? She is a sunny Florida based photographer {with a fantastic tan I bet!} and the proud owner of My Photographic Eye by Irela Photography. Here is what her website says about her: I am a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt and great aunt. I simply adore photographing my family, my grandkids and just about anyone who will not run from me when they see my camera pointing at them.

Photography is a passion of mine and I truly see everything through a camera lens . From the beauty of this great country that we live in to the innocence in the eyes of my grandchildren. Capturing those moments are what I strive for in my photographs. That special moment, the special look, that special capture that will last a lifetime.

I have a loving husband who has given me the support for me to follow my dream; great friends many of whom I have
photographed through the years and a great family
whom I love more than anything.

I hope you can spend some time checking out Irela's work this week. You can find her at: {Website} {Blog} {Facebook} {Flickr}
Many Thanks Irela for being our first Photographer of the Week!
Want to be a photographer of the week? There is a sign up on our EP Project-52 Flickr page!

Week 9 is going to be a fun challenge. Our theme is "Looking Glass" - Using reflective surfaces to show a little something extra. You can use a mirror, but...I always like this challenge using sunglasses, but not just any, I like those 1984 Top Gun Flashback ones.
I took this shot Tuesday at Mardi Gras in Downtown Mobile, Alabama - birthplace of Mardi Gras. This is Jackson. The sunglasses really give this photo something extra exciting.
9/52 Throw Me a Moonpie

Here's one of Grant, using an 8-point star filter to get that cool sunshine burst - taken last year in my tiny swimming pool.
22/52 Looking Cool & Staying Cool

And lastly one with a mirror, using some awesome Photo Shop Magic.
23/52 Enchanting Daydream

The possibilities are endless for your "Looking Glass" week! I can't wait to see your photos! New photo posting starts on Sunday. Remember, you can also post your photos to our EP facebook site for extra feedback - I've got plenty of photogs that would love to see your work!

So what' s new with Daphne this week?
Aside from the all this Morning Sickness or Late afternoon in my case, and Mardi Gras...there hasn't been much room for anything else. If you're not from this area, you should know that the whole world shuts down here for Mardi Gras. The kids are out of school all week and Businesses and Colleges completely close. And the hot thing to have here is not plastic beads, it's Moonpies (believe it or not) - and at Mardi Gras new flavors are released, like tasty orange, Chocolate-Peanut Butter, and mmmm Coconut. Here's a few shots of our Carnival excitement:
fb 12-02-20 Lundi Gras-4a

fb 12-02-20 Lundi Gras-18aa

fb 12-02-20 Lundi Gras-22a

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with Family, Fun and Photography! Make it a great one!


Daphne Ellenburg is a budding photography business owner in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants in home studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and all things Olympus. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at Ellenburg Photography {Website} {Facebook} {EP Blog}{Daphne's Blog}{Join EP Project 52}

Ellenburg Photography's award winning photographer, Daphne Ellenburg, specializes in Wedding Photography and Family Portraiture. We are located just north of Mobile Alabama. We proudly serve all of Alabama, and Gulfcoast Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. (251) 656-7601

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Swede - Sorry....*Irela* not Ireland...Smartphones fault not mine ;)
Swede - Really great photos this week! Congratulations to all featured photographers and special congrats to Ireland for being featured photographer of the week! Great new feature to the project!
Joyful Reflections Photography - Daphne~ What a surprise and honor to be a featured photographer two weeks in a row! There were many great images again this week. Thanks for all your effort in dong this project and I surely love it! Gets me out there snapping!

Thanks for sharing a bit on photographer Irela. It was nice to learn a bit about her personally.

Take Care of you and that blessing your caring! God Bless.