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Sunday, September 07, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Today is a BIG day in the Ellenburg House ~ Sweet baby Jefferson is two years old.  He bring so much joy to our lives and we have been happily celebrating his BIG day all weekend.

140906 Jefferson-6575 e

I went in search of my Big shot this week on a family adventure to the USS Alabama. It's a very large naval ship that is permanently docked and opened for tours here in Mobile Alabama. My boys are in love with this boat and often talk my husband into taking them there. This is the first time we all adventure there together. Even Jefferson loved it. Photographed at f11, ISO 100, using the Sigma 24-70. Processed with Photoshop to sharpen every last detail and then I used NIK's Silver Efex for my Black and White.

36/52 USS Alabama is BIG {and Hot}

Our top ten is always in no particular order. When you LOVE the portrait, check out the artist. All the artist links are directly below each shot. Ready. Set. Here we go...

ONE {Love the crop making your Big moon look even bigger! Great detail and wonderful story on the Barley Moon.}

36/52 Theme: BIG... Barley Moon

36/52 Theme: BIG... Barley Moon by Catcher In My Eye

TWO {Beautiful Big sister! Great idea for this week's theme. Congratulations on a wonderful new baby addition to your family.}

Week 36 ~ Big

Week 36 ~ Big by Irela

THREE {Big Bokeh is always a hit.}

36/52 big

36/52 big BY Detta Owens

FOUR {Love the detail on all the people - there is so much to look at in this shot. Well done.}

Target Field

Target Field BY Lissa

FIVE {Beautiful view. I can see forever and I love the gorgeous clouds. Thanks for the tip on Gatsby. We should all check out their super fast actions.}

Project 52  Big

Project 52 Big BY Terry Lynn Ayers

SIX {Love the enormous feel this shot has. The tiny model makes it perfect. This is a really stunning piece of art. }


Angels BY Tony McCann

SEVEN {Big waves photographed perfectly. Love all the detail in your splash. Well done.}

Project 52  36/52 - Topic - Big

Project 52 36/52 - Topic - Big BY norasphotos4u

EIGHT {Welcome back ranger. This is a fun shot. Love all the bright bold colors.}

Project 52: Week 36 - Big

Project 52: Week 36 - Big BY Angelia Sims

NINE {A colorful cone makes a colorful messy smile too. This is adorable.}

36/52 Big

36/52 Big BY Melisa

TEN {Love the texture and all the structure in your detail work. Well done.}

David Slaying Goliath

David Slaying Goliath BY Ivor Potter

WEEK 37'S Theme is: Nostalgia

Sneak Peek Alert: Week 38's theme will be "Stacked"

What's NEW with Daphne Ellenburg?

This week, I got some pretty rough news for my ego. All those shots I submitted for review with WPPI, the highest score I received was a 76. On the scale, that rates me plain old average. I hate being average. They said my lighting was a bit flat and that my focus was a bit soft and my patterns were busy and distracting.  I read it over and over again on Thursday. And then some more on Friday. And you know, I've got newer more amazing lighting since I submitted those shots and maybe I won't submit any shots where my subjects were stripes or pattern tops or are photographed on a patterned backdrop. And I like to shoot where somethings are soft, but maybe I won't enter those next time. So .... over a 1000 photos were entered and only 86 were recognized at 80 and above. I won't let them stop me from trying. Next time, I'm shooting for silver. Deadline for another ego crusher is at the end of this month.

I shot this Thursday. I think the lighting is fabulous. Meet baby Mallory.

fb 150904 Mallory-6540 bw E

Tuesday, Mike and I celebrated another year of marriage this week. This is my favorite wedding photo from the entire day. I'm so happy to have such a wonderful loving husband who supports my dreams and is such an amazing father to our children.


We stuck around town all week for the anniversary and spent some nice quality time with our family. It's nice to slow down sometimes.


Friday we traveled to Selma Alabama, about 3 hours away, to watch the Satsuma Gators win their 2nd game of the season. This is the first time they are 2-0 since the 80's.


Saturday we had a wonderful birthday party for sweet baby Jefferson. Complete with endless gifts and surrounded by wonderful family. All the grandparents were there, his one and only Aunt and Uncle and our niece and new nephew too. He was pretty exhausted but took time time take this wonderful Selfie with me and Mike. I call it "Jeff-stache".


This week will be packed with 2 baseball games, 2 football games and 4 beautiful babies. One of which will be sweet baby Jefferson. I've got so many wonderful things in store for him in the studio this week and next. 

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and photography. Make it a great week!



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Daphne Ellenburg is the owner of a Portrait photography business located in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants NEW 2000 sq ft studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and newly all things Apple. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at or email her at

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