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Sunday, August 31, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Fruit or Veggie makes for an interesting trip around the kitchen or an adventurous trip to the grocery store to find something more interesting that what is lying around the kitchen. In my case, I went straight for the window sill. This is the first step to my dream of Avacado farmer. Or I'm calling it Guacamole whenever I want it. I've got two of these little guys, one is in the dirt and the other is in this glass.  For those of you in awe of my nature creation here, you know my black thumb did not do this. It's my Mom's idea. She's got two green thumbs. 

35/52 Fruit or Veggie

I enjoyed your Fruit and Veggie adventures. There was so much wonderful Green this week. 

Our top ten is always in no particular order, when you enjoy the photograph, check out the artist. The artist links are directly below each photo. Here we go...

ONE {Gorgeous green tones throughout. Perfect.}

Week 35 - Fruit

Week 35 - Fruit by Jen Foster

TWO {Yum. Love the woodgrain backdrop.}


Scallions by Lissa

THREE {Super cute. I love your back to school series!}

35/52 Theme: Fruit

35/52 Theme: Fruit by Catcher In My Eye

FOUR {There is always something wonderful about asparagus. I love to photograph them too. Great negative space.}

35/52 Fruit or Veggie

35/52 Fruit or Veggie by Melisa

FIVE {YUM. Gorgeously photographed. Can't wait to have some of these to photograph. I'm sure it will be quite a while.}

Week 35 - Fruit or Veggie

Week 35 - Fruit or Veggie by dazybug22

SIX {This is pretty funny. And these guys are pretty creepy.}


35/50 "The Battle for Broccoli Ridge" by Lee Ferridge

SEVEN {Love the warm light on your gorgeous veggies.}

35/52 veggie 

35/52 veggie by Detta Owens

EIGHT {Gorgeous light on your wonderful bowl of fruit. Great negative space.}

EP52 35/52 {fruit or veggie} 

EP52 35/52 {fruit or veggie} by Anita

NINE {Super close shot of a tasty treat.}

... & Cream

... & Cream by Tony McCann

TEN {Completely interesting take on this week's theme!}

Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato by Ivor Potter

Week 36's theme is "BIG".

Sneak Peek Alert. Week 37's theme will be "Nostalgia" 

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?

Hi guys. I'm all caught up and back 100%. I took the last 3 weeks off to work nearly exclusively on a project for Satsuma High school while juggling my wonderful family and the nearly endless incoming freshman at my bookstore. It's been an exhausting blur. 

I'm happy to be back. 

This is a great week. Not only am I all caught up at the studio, but this is anniversary week for me and Mike and sweet baby Jefferson will be 2 on Sunday. Can you believe he'll be two already? All I've done for the past two days is plan his most perfect portraits. There's going to be a wall of candy, a sailor suit, denim overalls and a new football helmet - Crimson of course. It's a real cuteness overload. is the Gator football program that I've been working so hard on. It's 80 gorgeous high gloss color pages of awesomeness. I love it.


And here is my double page spread. That's my handsome big boy Jackson. He's playing nose guard and Right Guard this year.



I took a much needed 5 days off from almost everything. Here's a Redlight selfie from my fun Friday with the kiddies.


Me and Mike at the Gator's game Friday night. It rained a bit but all the Ellenburgs were there to support our Gator. Gators won 28-26. Coach said you can't win them all if you don't win the first one. So we're one victory in.


My new friend Kimberly from Kimberly's Closet is creating our collegiate diaper covers for Football mini's this month. She does some great work. Can't wait to use them all!


And I made some tasty Kabobs to welcome our first college game day Saturday. My team won and a few I wanted to see eat it, managed to pull thru a victory - so it was a winning day all around. Hope your team won too.


I'm looking forward to a little Rest and Relaxation over the next few days with my handsome husband and those sweet babies. Wishing you all a wonderful Labor day weekend and a fantastic first week of September!


Thanks to those of you hanging in there while I was absent for the past 3 weeks. We'll be featuring a best of blog this week to recognize all your great awesomeness. Thank you for being YOU.



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