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Friday, August 01, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Something NEW is always fun. If you are anything like me, you have a wish list, and any time I get something new, it's on that list. I am completely in love with hand painted backdrops. They have a big price tag and since I'm no painter - I've got save and save for these guys. This is my new one. It is white, grey and pink.  They customized it to have more white than pink and I love it. I can shoot it with different light to bring out the greys or pop the whites. It has been a lot of fun in the studio. This is my Madison testing it for the first time.

30/52 New Dress, New Backdrop, same girl :-)

This dress was in my storage unit of treasures and the hat lives in the studio hat box. It's cool to have so much dress up stuff stocked in the studio.  I was so surprised at how much she enjoyed wearing this dress. I wanted to just buy a bunch of them and let her run around in them all the time.

It was fun to see all the cool new things you guys were rocking this week. We saw lots of new beautiful babies, new siding and new baseball victories - even new toys.  What a GREAT week for NEW.

Our top ten is no particular order. When you love the portrait, check out the artist. The artist links are directly below each photo. Ready. Set. Here we go...

ONE {Love the mix of soft and ruff with the great POV.}

30/50 Theme: Brand New Son

30/50 Theme: Brand New Son by Catcher In My Eye

TWO {Great lines!}

{Something New} week 30/52

{Something New} week 30/52 by karisworld

THREE {I like that everything is so soft. This is such an exciting moment. Congratulations!}

EP52 30/52 {new}

EP52 30/52 {new} by Anita

FOUR {Simply stunning. This filter is great. The think I like most about it is that it always brings out the detail in the clouds and the water. Happy Filtering!}

30/52 - Something new

30/52 - Something new by Jennifer Nealy

FIVE {A new pup. Wonderful detail.}

30/52 Something New

30/52 Something New by Lee Ferridge

SIX {11 months NEW. She is a doll with those big bright eyes! Great action shot. I'm sure after this shot she quickly crawled away to freedom.}

Project 52: Week 30 - Something New

Project 52: Week 30 - Something New by Angelia Sims

SEVEN {Wow. A new patch! I can only imagine his excitement earning this great addition to his uniform. Great POV and wonderful light.}

Week 30 - Something New

Week 30 - Something New by Jen Foster

EIGHT {These clouds look straight out of a painters imagination. Well done. So much depth. Love it.}

Week 30 ~ Something New

Week 30 ~ Something New by Irela

NINE {This is so Sweet. Perfect light on such a sweet face!}

Project 52 Something New

Project 52 Something New by Terry Lynn Ayers

TEN {This looks tasty. Love the soft light combined with bold color. Well done.}

30/52 Something New

30/52 Something New by Melisa

Week 31's theme is Metal.

Sneak Peek Alert. Week 32's theme will be  "A Distraction"

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?


This week I'm feeling the struggle of my two jobs. It's almost fall rush for my college and I picked up a big contract working for the local High School. We are photographing the fall sports and creating the ever exciting football program. And you know I hate plain boring programs, so I've been working on some fabulous designs instead of sleeping. I'm mapping and planning and wrapping up all the last bits of my July clients so I can focus on just these two things for the first two weeks of August. Craziness.

The baby show was a total hit. We met 85 pregnant ladies and a slew of grandparents! And our booth was easily the coolest with all of our rainbow decor!


We gave away a $250 gift card to the studio. It was great to be surrounded by so many wonderful people praising our beautiful babies. I know my opinions are swayed but I photograph the most beautiful babies.

What surprised me the most about this whole Baby show experience is how much I enjoyed framing my portraits. I framed 6 shots on gator foam with a linen finish. If you haven't tried a linen finish - it is really stunning.


What else did I do? I painted for Michael at one of his rental houses or as he calls them, "our retirement plan"

I bought all three of these mermaid baby suits. They shipped yesterday. I can't wait to photograph mermaid babies on our indoor beach.

And I took a bunch of photos of Jeff covered in bubbles. Bath time is the best part of the day. If it was possible to specialize in bath time baby bubble photography, I'd do it.


Thanks to all the wonderful photographers who find time in this busy life we lead to participate in this weekly photo challenge. I love sharing my week with you.



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Kelly - I love sharing your week and seeing your photographers show their theme work. Keep on bloggin!