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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Spring may be full of rain and a bit of snow and even flowers, but for me its full of tiny dancers. This is the time of year when I channel my inner Degas and really churn out some masterpieces for my doting parents.

Every year, I always start dance portrait season with my tiny dancer. I get so excited for this day every year. When she pulls on those tights and fluffs up her tutu, I always say a little prayer that she will want to dance forever. I sure hope she will.

Meet Madison, my tiny dancer.

This one is going on my wall, 20x24 this week.

Saraland Dance photographer | 150221 Madison-0558

Madison is 7 years old and in the first grade.

Saraland Dance Photographer | 150221 Madison-0464 bw

She dances at Studio 43 in Creola, Alabama.

Saraland Dance Photographer | 150221 Madison-0550 E

She loves ballet and also studies Jazz / Hip Hop and Tap.

Saraland Dance Photographer | 150221 Madison-0545

Enjoy a little behind the scenes peek at our adventure:

To learn more about how we can create a gorgeous dance masterpiece of your tiny dancer, contact our studio at (251) 656-7601. For a limited time, we are offering generous discounts for our tiny dancers. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

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