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Sunday, May 11, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Hand made is one of those photo themes where you can really dig into the past or just whip something up and with Mother's day weekend, if your house is anything like my house, there are plenty of hand made treasures to go around. In fact, this year, I jackpotted a tiny plant, I flower painted by hand, a flower made from a hand print and a lovely poem on a paper strawberry that said I was the "Berry" best mom of all time. Teachers really work hard to make these Mother's day moments special. My daughter was up at the crack of dawn. She couldn't wait to hand over her hand made treasures. She's a real gem.

This week, my hand made was a beautiful flower wreath for a tiny head. I love flowers in the hair of little people. This is my daughter. She wanted to make the flowers out of reds and pinks but this week, we play a game that I like to call "I win" because I win all week during Mother's day week. She managed a smile for me and she's sporting one of new prop dresses.

19/52 Hand-made Head Piece

I loved checking out your hand made delights this week! Great work as always. And big thanks to the amazing photographers who somehow find time to squeeze this photo group into the busy busy lives that we all are racing around with. I appreciate you!

Our top ten is in no particular order as always. When you enjoy the shot, check out the artist. Chances are you will enjoy more of their work! Here we go...

ONE {Love the light color palette and the gorgeous embroidered detail. Well done.}

Project 52 Week 19  Topic - Handmade IMG_3966-2.jpg Project 52 Week 19 Topic - Handmade IMG_3966-2.jpg by norasphotos4u

TWO {Wonderful mix of textures here. This is wonderful POV for such a wonderful hand made treat!}

19/52 Theme: HANDMADE~ Pizza Dough

19/52 Theme: HANDMADE~ Pizza Dough by Catcher In My Eye

THREE {Love the blurred jewel pattern in the chain. Wonderful selective focus and this is such a cute handmade treasure!}

Project 52: Week 19 - Hand-Made

Project 52: Week 19 - Hand-Made by Angelia Sims

FOUR {Excellent detail! You just can't find great things like this anymore.}

Handmade #19/52

Handmade #19/52 by Coleen Spatafora

FIVE {Wonderful processing and I love the detail and texture you captured on the rope. Well done!}


Monkey-Fist by Jacques Roets

SIX {Gorgeous light and amazing handmade wonderful by the amazing Don. I can't wait to see you stuff more tiny tots in this fantastic creation. All you need is some goggles and a funny hat!}

Week 19 ~ "Hand-Made"

Week 19 ~ "Hand-Made" by Irela

SEVEN {Love the set up and the detail on the icing. I'm sure your client was thrilled with this shot!}

Week 19/52  Hand-made

Week 19/52 Hand-made by Paige Weersing

EIGHT {Perfect lighting for your hand made treasure. Wonderful set up.}

EP 52 19/52 {handmade}

EP 52 19/52 {handmade} by Anita

NINE {Great staging of your hand made treasure. The colors are just fantastic - they really POP!}

19/52 Handmade

19/52 Handmade by Sally Bruning

TEN {Great pov and I love the wood grain - the stain really digs in and creates some wonderful lines. Wonderful capture for your handmade treasure!}

19/52 - old age meets new age

19/52 - old age meets new age by Kara Gootee-Robinson

Week 20's theme is "Yellow"

Sneak Peek Alert: Week 21's theme is: Five

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

Looks like my Yankee's are going to the playoffs. Hooray! I sure love watching my boy play ball.


Photographed the most cooperative 10 day old - EVER.

Started planning my next adventure - Kindergarden Graduation portraits. I picked up Madison's Cap and Gown this week and they look just like my big girl gowns. Love it.

We might have gotten too involved the in the Football draft this week :-)

My Teepees came in. Now we are looking for Indians.

Started watching this for Mother's day. It's really good!

And took this glamourous fish face selfie with my baby girl.


My husband planned the most fun Mother's day cook out with my neighbors and my family. Jefferson made almost to sunset before he passed out with his Crawfish. Gosh darn it, that's the cutest baby I've ever made.




To my Moms, I hope your mother's day was filled with the children you love. There is nothing better than being surrounded with love on the one day you get to rule the world. Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, friends and photography! Make it a great week!



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Sunday, March 23, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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On the floor was a great theme for random anythingness. A whole world of endless possibilities. I set up my fake wood floor and waited to be inspired. Inspiration came in the form of a tiny dancer. My dancers have been coming in with a small wardrobe of glittered costumes and accessories. When young Katie pulled out her Pointe shoes, I knew I'd found my inspiration. 

There is just something magical about pointe shoes. You know you're a REAL ballerina when you get to lace up these beauties. Now as I'm sure I'll never lace up a pair on me, I sure hope young Madison is inspired to dance on her toes. She was in the studio when I photographed Katie. She watched and I could tell she was fascinated. I hope she was inspired too. 

Katie's shoes are well worn and are rumored to be in their last year of hitting the floor. She is certain she's getting a new pair this fall. From where I sit, there is nothing better than well worn dance shoes.

12/52 On the Floor

And for fun, Here's a shot of beautiful soft spoken Katie. Owner of those great shoes.

fb 140318 Katie West-3679 bw edit


Great job with all the wonderful things and small people you found in the floor this week. Our top ten is in no particular order. When you love the shot, the photographer's information is listed below. Click the link. Check out their work.


Here we go...


ONE {Baby fingers and toes and chevron blocks. That looks like heaven to me. I love the shadows and the blues.}

12/52 On the floor

12/52 On the floor by Sally Bruning 

TWO {Every thing is old and worn. The paint chips but the bible is still in one piece. Great find. When I look down in New Orleans, it's usually something gross. I'm so glad you found something beautiful!}

12/52 - On the floor

12/52 - On the floor by Kara Gootee-Robinson 

THREE {Love the bold color and the reflection. The grain is a nice touch too :-) }

12/52 ~ Theme:

12/52 ~ Theme: "On the Floor" by Catcher In My Eye 

FOUR {Only Lisa could make dust beautiful. The overall tone is really lovely. Great work!}

Week 12/52 - On the Floor

Week 12/52 - On the Floor by Lisa Kollberg 

FIVE {This looks like quite the adventure! Making the props really make the shoot special! Beautiful lighting and great set up.}

Week 12 ~ On the Floor 

Week 12 ~ On the Floor by Irela


SIX {Beautiful processing and wonderful POV. The detail in the wood grain is fab!}

On the Floor

On the Floor by jules1836 

SEVEN {I love the angle and burst is awesome. You are the queen of the sun burst! Kudos!}

Project 52 On the floor

Project 52 On the floor by Terry Lynn Ayers

EIGHT {What a colorful mess you found! Flash cards, so wonderful but so hard to keep all together!}

Week 12 - Flashcards on the floor

Week 12 - Flashcards on the floor by Jen Foster 

NINE {Beautiful lighting and rule of thirds. I like that we can see the soles of his shoes.}

EP52 12/52 {on the floor}

EP52 12/52 {on the floor} by Anita 

TEN {That cat stole the show! It sure looks fun down there!}

12/52 On the Floor 

12/52 On the Floor by Catherine_pdx 

Week 13's theme is "FUNNY"

Sneak Peek - Week 14's theme is Hands.

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?

I have been wonderfully busy. Not busy enough to want to pull my hair out, but busy enough to be a little behind. Everytime I consider complaining about all the editing I still have to do, I remember that busy is a blessing. And that when people hold that portrait I take and give me a super tight hug - I know I'm doing it right even if it takes a little longer than it did 2 months ago. 

When I wasn't photographing the beautiful people of Alabama and Mississippi, I was at the ball park. Grant's Yankees are still on a winning streak. (knock on wood) And he took a solid hit to first base this week instead of the usual walk. He plays a couple nights a week and they are my favorite nights of the week.

 Week 12

Thursday's game was a real nail bitter. But somehow they pulled it out!

Week 12 

Almost ran out of gas. Almost. It's not cool to look down and see zero, but it looks like you can actually get to zero. So much for that myth.

Week 12

Watched Frozen - twice.

Week 12

Went to dinner and my oldest sang us some Karaoke. He chose Starship's We build this city. I was never prouder. He's not ready for the voice by any means, but it was indeed dinner and a show. Ironically Grant sang "Center field" - he is center field :-)

Week 12

Introduced 2 new products to the studio. Tiny canvas on a kickstand and flat canvas. I have so many wonderful ideas coming soon for flat canvas.

Week 12 

Grant won this quarter's Ellenburg Report card challege. It's all or nothing around here- highest average wins and PE doesn't count. He won with a solid 96% narrowly passing Madison Kindergarden average of 95.1. Well done Grant.

Week 12

Jeff still has his glorious curls.

Week 12

I am officially addicted to my Wacom pad. I edit so S...L...O...W without it. I brought it home with me this weekend.

Week 12

Wishing you a wonderful week filled family, fun and photography. Make it a GREAT week!!




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Daphne Ellenburg is the owner of a Portrait photography business located in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants NEW 2000 sq ft studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and newly all things Canon. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at Ellenburg or email her at

Saturday, March 01, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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When I think of "Up Close and Personal" my mind always first goes to amazing macro photography. But for me and my work, Personal is where it's at.  Every shoot tells a story that is very personal to my client, a time in life that they want to freeze forever. I'm documenting a chapter in their history. And that is the best part of personal.

Meet Shelby.

9/52 Just Shelby

She dances with my baby girl, Madison and she is the daughter of one of my favorite people on the planet.  Earlier this year she had a terrible accident and almost lost her ring finger. During our photo shoot she kept hiding her scars. I whispered to her that I could hardly even see them anymore. When we snapped this shot, and I showed it to her on the back of the camera. She lit up. She told her Mom, "I didn't hide my scars" It moved her Mom. Mom held it together pretty good, but I almost cried like a baby. {and I could because I don't wear mascara while I shoot. That's right, I can cry every day if I want to. } I'm going to put this portrait in her Mom's hands today.  A brave up close and personal moment, frozen in time forever. I have the BEST job in the world with most amazing clients. It's a real blessing.

You guys really dug in there for this week's exciting theme. I loved all the macro and all the bright bold colors and all the wonderfully deep shadows of your black and whites. Great work this week!

Our top ten is always in NO particular order. When you LOVE the portrait, check out the artist. Artist links are directly below each shot.  Here we go...

ONE {I'm a real sucker for these Katy Perry lashes on a tiny tot. Great shadows and wonderful focus.}

9/52 Personally Love

9/52 Personally Love by Kara Gootee-Robinson 

TWO {Gorgeous bold color and GREAT detail!}

9/52 up close and personal

9/52 up close and personal by Detta Owens 

THREE {Welcome back Don! Amazing eye detail. Wow. Great POV}

Week 9  ~ "Up close and Personal"

Week 9 ~ "Up close and Personal" by Irela 

FOUR {What's NOT to love about this sweet face? Great lighting and lashes.}

Week 9/52 - Up Close and Personal

Week 9/52 - Up Close and Personal by Lisa Kollberg 

FIVE {Great black and white. Love the set up and thanks for sharing your settings!}

9/52 - Up Close & Personal

9/52 - Up Close & Personal by Jennifer Nealy

SIX {EEEKS! Cuteness overload. Excellent capture of a very special moment. Love the wrinkles in the hands and the wrap. Well done.}

Week 9 - Up close and Personal

Week 9 - Up close and Personal by Jen Foster 

SEVEN {Whoa! Growing up in South Louisiana, these things really freak me out. They are lurkers. He's staring right at you with hungry eyes. Really seriously fab shot!}

9/52 A bit too up close & personal

9/52 A bit too up close & personal by Paige Weersing

EIGHT {Love the mask. Love the colors, all the tones are perfect together. And I love the story. Great Selfie sister!}

9/52 ~ Theme: Up Close & Personal

9/52 ~ Theme: Up Close & Personal by Catcher In My Eye 

NINE {Great color pop and the fuzzy border is just perfection.}

Up Close

Up Close by Lissa

TEN {I absolutely love all the white mixed with shadows. Great details. Well done. This is my favorite Flower of all time. Daisies are the friendliest flowers.}

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal by jules1836 

Week 10's theme is "Signs" 

Week 11 Sneak Peek is GREEN.

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

I finished up my last weekend of dance recital portraits for Studio 43 in style with the big girls. What a day of fun and excitement and a little bit of Gatsby.

Week 9

I loved this fun shot. And how is the CamRanger? Talk about amazing! Since I shoot 98% of my business in the studio the "not waiting for my card to load into my harddrive" has shaved hours off each day and who knows how many days it's added to my life. I love you Camranger. {and super awesome husband for discovering the camranger for me, and then then buying it. }

Week 9

I changed my windows. It's Dance mania around here.

Week 9

Gave out a ton of smiles to happy families.

Week 9

Watched a movie. And it was Awesome.

Week 9

Got this from my daughter. {If she'd have given it to me before breakfast I might have served up more than Lucky Charms.} Just sayin'.

Week 9

And just in time for Sign week - MY SIGN has arrived. {The tiny expensive one by the street.}  I love it! Thinking about shooting it again for this week.

Week 9

I am officially on vacation starting on Sunday. Yes, it will be me and my sweet Madison on a beach in Cozumel with my some of my best gals from Sigma Kappa Sorority. A full on Mother Daughter holiday through 3 states and 2 countries. Sounds like I'm really packing it all in, right? I am pretty darn excited.

Wishing YOU a fantastic week filled with family, friends and photography!



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Saturday, February 22, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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More than one. There are so many things I love that I have more than one of. Lipgloss. Handbags. Children. Apple products. Shoes. Great friends. More than one can be quite delightful as proved by my dance adventures this week and all the GREAT birthday fun happening in our group this week. Those babies never stop growing. Holding a little tighter and a little longer. Who cares if they are uncomfortable or if you're in the grocery store. Just do it. 

Our top ten is always in NO particular order. When you LOVE the shot, check out the artist! These guys work hard fitting these tasks into their already busy lives. I appreciate the time and dedication you put into your work. Thank you.

Here we go...

ONE {There has NEVER been a cuter anything with two candles in it. Great primary color love. Happy birthday!}

8/52 - Because he is Two!

8/52 - Because he is Two! by Kara Gootee-Robinson 

TWO {It's certainly more than ONE. Great angle to your find!}

8.52 Dueces

8.52 Dueces by Eric 

THREE {Great color pops and perfectly posed bird models. The angle draws your eye completely across from right to left. Well done.}

8/52  More than one... And then there were three.psd

8/52 More than one... And then there were three.psd by Paige Weersing 

FOUR {Sweet wrinkly newborn baby feet. Has there ever been anything more adorable? I don't think so! Congratulations on the new addition to your extended family! Can't wait to see more of her!}

Week 8 - More Than One

Week 8 - More Than One by Jen Foster 

FIVE {Awesome tone and wonderful DOF. He is so stinking cute!}

EP52 8/52 {more than one}

EP52 8/52 {more than one} by Anita 

SIX {Sweet birthday treats always are more exciting with rainbow sprinkles. Great POV for this tasty cake! I can almost smell it.}

Week 8/52 - More Than One

Week 8/52 - More Than One by Lisa Kollberg

SEVEN {Wonderful find and an excellent detailed capture adventure! Great work! This flake is stellar!}

Project 52

Project 52 by Terry Lynn Ayers

EIGHT {WOW. This is such a fun shot and I loved your Swan 101. Great stuff!}

More Than One

More Than One by Lissa 

NINE {Whoa! Look at that beautiful action shot! Great shot!}

8/52 - More than one

8/52 - More than one by Jennifer Nealy  

TEN {YUM! Mint oreos. Now I'm hungry. I've got to write these things after dinner or something. Great shot!}

8/52~ Theme: More than one

8/52~ Theme: More than one by Catcher In My Eye

Honorable Mention {Random comical hands really made me smile. Happy Sweet 16 to one super sweet girl! Catherine, I think you try this shot for your birthday this year!}

Week 7/52 More than One

Week 8/52 More than One by Catherine_pdx 

Week 9's theme is: "Up Close and Personal"

Sneak Peek alert! Week 10's theme is "A Sign"

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?

The first super dance weekend was a success and a hit! Parents were so excited and so complimentary. I wanted to record it to listen to it over and over again. I was very humbled. When these girls walked in, I knew they would be my shot of the week! Twins, the ulimate more than one.

8/52 TWINS - the ultimate More than ONE!

Michael was such a big help with my dance weekend.


He sold while I shot and he can reach almost everything without a ladder. You can't put a price on that.


I went to dinner with my dear friend from High School and College. She was also the Matron of Honor at my wedding. It was so nice to watch our children hang out and catch up.


Sweet Gracie came in for her 5 month shoot. She is growing too fast!



This WAS the ungettable get. If only Grant's room was clean and he could have opened it already. So sad.


Yes that is MY child.


I sparkled Madison's nails for her group dance portraits tomorrow. I'm excited to be photographing her classes too!


Guess what? Tomorrow I'm wireless!


My CamRanger came in! Plus an extra battery (because I'm nervous like that) and a new sticky hot shoe contraption, because the CamRanger "fanny pack" is a little 1987 for me. That husband really went all out this week. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to figure out how to link it to Lightroom - but I figured it out Friday Night. Hooray!

I'll review CamRanger next week incase you're thinking about adding one to your gear.

Wishing YOU a Great week filled with Family Fun and Photography! Make it the best!



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Saturday, January 25, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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When I think of a favorite toy, I always think of my children and the movie Toy Story.  The birth of my babes are nicely spaced within the movie releases so that all of them have had different toys from this movie. I think we are the proud owners of at least 7 different Buzz Lightyears, including this very cool red white and blue one. The kids dressed as them for halloween. {I may have been Jessie that year, and Mike may have ran around with us wearing a sticker that said "My name is Andy"} I have comforters and blankets and curtains. It's quite an accumulation. When Jefferson came around, it was a no brainer for a Nursery room theme, because I could go shopping in the attic. His favorite toy is Rex. In my shot of the week, I used the toys Jefferson has been playing with held by Madison, because she is more cooperative and can finally take direction.

4/52 You're my Favorite Deputy

It was fun to see your toy blasts from the past and the great gadgets and gizmos that are indeed your favorite things.  Legos were a big hit and so was the Gorilla. Who knew the gorilla could hold a flash? Very cool. 

Here we go with the top ten. Our top ten photos are always in no particular order. When you love the photo, check out the artist. Chances are you'll love more of their work. Ready. Set. Here we go...

ONE {I love this modern converse spin on your super vintage toy. Can't believe you saved these all these years! This is quite a treasure! Great warm look.}

4/52 ~ Theme: A Favorite Toy

4/52 ~ Theme: A Favorite Toy by Catcher In My Eye 

TWO {All the black and white is so super sylish. So Barbie. Great shot of a vintage hit! The box set up was perfections.}

4/52 - Vintage Barbie

4/52 - Vintage Barbie by Kara Gootee-Robinson 

THREE {Great POV and you in the mirror makes this just perfect. I would have never guessed you were a bike gal! Great shot!}

04/52  My favorite toy(s)

04/52 My favorite toy(s) by Paige Weersing 

FOUR {The sweet loving hug, soft processing and to die for eyelashes really make this shot a hit! Great work.}

4/52 Favorite Toy

4/52 Favorite Toy by Melisa 

FIVE {Oh, Why did they steal your pizza Leonardo? Legos are so much fun and you can really make some super fun shots that are very entertaining.  Great set up! I know who will be taking her boys to see the Lego movie.}

Week 4 - Favorite Toy

Week 4 - Favorite Toy by Jen Foster 

SIX {Worn and well loved. Great focus and wonderful detail.}


Nuschi by Stefanie L 

SEVEN {A classic love / hate relationship of a dog and a stuffed cow. Beautiful shot of the Love. Great structure in this shot!}

4/52 - Favorite Toy

4/52 - Favorite Toy by Jennifer Nealy

EIGHT {Wonderful shot wide open makes the focus exactly wear you want. Great soft tones.}

Favorite Toy

Favorite Toy by jules1836 

NINE {The vignette draws you right in. Great vintage processing on this lovely doll.}


IMG_1965.jpg by norasphotos4u 

TEN {Minis are super fun. The world map set up for the background makes this shot shear perfection. Great use of the rule of thirds. Well done!}

Project 52: Week 3 - A Favorite Toy

Project 52: Week 3 - A Favorite Toy by Angelia Sims 

Honorable Mention {When I saw this, I had a flash back to the terrible battery operated arsenal that was wrapped under my tree this year. When you got shot in your Christmas Pajamas, it really hurt. Good luck dodging all these guys.}

{A Favorite Toy} week 4/52

{A Favorite Toy} week 4/52 by karisworld 

Honorable Mention {Wonderful POV. Who knew the Gorilla was great for off camera flash. My mind was blown with possibility. Nice.}

New Gear

New Gear by NikonLindaK 

Week 5's theme is: "Colorful Food"

Sneak Peek week 6's theme is: RED

What's NEW with Daphne Ellenburg?

I'm still trying to fight off the last leg of my cold. This cough will not go away. Grrrr. I asked Michael last night, "If I don't make it thru the cough, will you promise to keep the Kitchen clean?" He said yes, which means that I'm going to pull thru like a champ. 

Madison modeled for my Valentine mini set up. She's so cute with her missing front tooth. The other one is pretty wiggly now too.


Madison also made us very proud by winning the key student award that was presented by the Mayor. Here she is with the Mayor of Satsuma, Alabama.


My hot water was broken for almost 3 days this week. The only one that got a hot bath was Jefferson. No one else was willing to climb into my sink.


Jefferson has learned how to take off all his clothes and prefers to run around naked. It's so terrible. Here's a shot of me and my little nudist.


It snowed here yesterday. With this kind of blizzard, I'm surprised our town didn't completely shut down. This is the mass accumulation on my ride.


In the spring, I photograph a lot of beautiful dancers. This spring will be no different! I've got plenty of gorgeous tiny girls lined up. Here is my new marketing banner. It's a great outdoor banner perfect for tiny touches. I've got 2 different banners going up in each studio, to let people know we are coming soon!


And lastly, I debuted this great video to my client yesterday. I'm completely in love with it and so was she.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family fun and photography! Make it a great week!


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Daphne Ellenburg is the owner of a Portrait photography business located in Southern Alabama with a supportive family and a new fancy-pants NEW 2000 sq ft studio. She loves college football, big handbags, lip gloss and newly all things Canon. Daphne also enjoys writing about her Photo-Adventures and her entertaining family. Catch up with her at Ellenburg or email her at

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