Week 31, our Time flying Favorites
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Friday, August 03, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Time is never really moving at the pace we'd like. Many days it's flying past us at the speed of light, or stretching along seeming to never end. The funny thing about time is it's never traveling exactly as we'd like. The days I'd like to never end, like that day I spent the entire day holding hands with Michael cozy under a palm tree while I sipped things out of a coconut on vacation - those are the days that zip past us at the speed of light.  If I were in charge of time, I'd certainly reverse that ... but since I'm not, it's nice to savor the special moments like quite walks holding hands, and rocking tiny babies that grow up too fast. Remember to slow down a bit and enjoy each day as it happens, yesterday only comes back to life in our photographs as a fond memory.

Our top ten is in no particular order. If you enjoy the photograph, visit the links to the photographer below and send them some love. Tell them why you like it or see what else they've been up to.

Here we go...

ONE {Love the soft processing & the slight reflection in the photograph. Great idea for this week's theme.}

Time 31/52

Time 31/52 By newbiegirl77

TWO {The Queen of texture with great advice this week...slow down and smell the roses. Great work!}

EP Project 52

EP Project 52 "TIME" 31/52 By magova

THREE {Another creative spill over from Irela this week! You have so many great ideas in that pretty head of yours. This is so much fun and had us guessing all week!}

Week 31 -

Week 31 - "Time" By MPE by Irela



FOUR {Jodie "master of light" has amazed us all yet again by making an ordinary trip to the fair a magical memorable event freezing time. In love with these bold colors!}


Timestrip5 By jodiemasterman

FIVE {Beautiful vintage processing - I really great step out of time piece and I'm always impressed with how well trained your dogs are! Well done!}

211/366 The Little Entrepreneur

211/366 The Little Entrepreneur By PamK*

SIX {You really captured the spark of life here. She looks like she has a million stories she can't wait to tell. Wonderful work this week! And Happy Birthday Dot!}

Time flies by.

Time flies by. By Joyful Reflections


SEVEN {This certainly does look like a postcard from 1957 - I love the POV and the processing and the fact that it's welcoming the Colt's to training camp this week is just icing as much of our world is gearing up for Fall Football!}

Project 52   Time

Project 52 Time By ayers549

EIGHT {This shot has a really magical feel. The bubbles and the cloud reflection make is so interesting. A wonderful shot of a forever friend. Great story this week!}

Week 31 - Time

Week 31 - Time By planetrudy

NINE {So you have time flying here and standing still...very crafty indeed. Great bold color pops!}

Week 30: Time

Week 30: Time By Catino Creations

TEN {I love the processing but the reflection is what really makes this shot awesome. Great work this week!}

31/52 Time

31/52 Time By 'Swede'

Week 32's theme is "Childish Fun" 

At the Ellenburg House, my children are a constant source of entertainment. Madison, lover of all animals, isn't interested in growing up to be a vet, but a pet photographer, specializing in pet weddings. Huh? That's what Mike and I said...she's combining a lot of great things. So, I invited her and some dogs up to the studio last night....and here's what we came up with. So, I may have Warhol'd them in photoshop for some added fun. 

32 Blue Dogs

32/52 Blue Dogs By Ellenburg Photography

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

This week started with a wonderful fortune...and some amazing sushi.


I became downright obsessed with reading the Hunger Games, which are awesome on the iPad - since I have Pregnant Insomnia. Wednesday, when I woke up Mike to download the second book for me since I can't remember my Amazon password...He said, "NO, more Hunger Games tonight for you", followed by "Go to Sleep Woman" {sad face} But they found their way there yesterday....Thank you Michael. 


I delivered a box of smiles to a wonderful new client and new friend. I love to make my deliveries look extra special. And I love it when a client becomes a friend.

Photo Packaging Fun

And I generally had a wonderful Thursday with my Mini Me and her dogs in the studio.

120802 Dog-05

This weekend, pray for us, we are playing a terrible game of Musical Bedrooms. Yep, Everyone is moving...except Me and Mike. All the girls are moving upstairs and the boys are moving downstairs....Yikes! Soon, big baby Jefferson will have his own room.

Wishing you a wonderful week full of family, fun and photography! Make it a great week!



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Irela - Thanks Daphne for the sweet words and the feature. You sure challenge me every week and I love it. Have a beautiful week!!!! (BTW Your mini- me is so stinking cute and I love that she wants to become a wedding photographer .... Even a pet photographer. Love it). ;) ;)