Week 35, Our Back to School Favorites
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Friday, August 31, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Back to school. A week that is always charged with emotions,  some happy like our friend Lisa and some sad like our friend Michele. When I was a young girl, I loved back to school. I couldn't wait to finally get to step outside in my new super hot pink converse high tops that were not allowed to step outside not one day before, period. And I'd spend the night before school tossing and turning wondering about who my locker would be next to or if I'd have to run to catch the school bus. This year I saw a lot of those things in my babes. Jackson actually said, "I get a locker this year, I hope I can open it." And I knew he dreamed about his locker too. There is always something magical about fall back to school. Something hopeful about the start of something new and the excitement learning brings. It's like the beauty of spring, with the cooler temperatures of fall.

We saw some really fun takes on our back to school theme this week. It was great to see the creative things you guys came up with - this is truly a fun group to lead and an even better group to be apart of. Thank you all for the beauty you find in the everyday life we all walk through. On to the top ten. Here we go, in no particular order...

ONE {Great POV and Lighting. Love the pink pop and focus on this beautiful handwriting! A+}

Back to School

Back to School By jules1836

TWO {I just love that this is honeycomb shaped - makes it so much fun. PS - perfect whites. Great work. A+}

Back to School

Back to School By laurasheppardphotography Visit me at www.facebook.com/laurasheppardphotography

THREE {Excellent detail in the erasers - great texture and Iove this diagonal slope. Very creative! A+}

EP 35/52 {Back2School}

EP 35/52 {Back2School} By ib4luvnit

FOUR {This is a great collage of happy first days. I love that you were able to put this together for us. So nice and the black and white is lovely! A+}

35/52 ~ Back to School...

35/52 ~ Back to School... By Moopiecow

FIVE {I laughed and Laughed and then I laughed some more. This is so fun. The red burst of color makes it even better. Great work. And kids, excellent sad faces. Just perfect. A++}

35/52 {Back To School}

35/52 {Back To School} By DoubleLPhoto

SIX {Great POV and perfect pencil holding - a true art if you'd ever see Madison's efforts at this. Homework, the one thing we never seem to run out of this fall. Great capture - A+}

Week 35 - Back to Homework

Week 35 - Back to Homework By jenfosterphoto

SEVEN {Heavenly texture here. It's everywhere, the pencils, the shavings, the wooden counter. Very well done. A+}

EP "Back to school" 35/52

EP "Back to school" 35/52 By magova

EIGHT {Nothing says back to school like Fall football. Great washed processing almost HDR like. Wonderful work. A+}

Ellenburg Photography 35/52

Ellenburg Photography 35/52 By Andrewfierro

NINE {I enjoyed the story and I like how the lines lead me right to you boy here. Brave little guy! A+}

Wk 35 - Back to School

Wk 35 - Back to School By clwick

TEN {Sniff, Sniff...wonderful write up this week. I really liked how panoramic this shot was in our flickr group. It captured so much wonderful color. Great job. A+}

Week 33 Back to School

Week 35 Back to School By Catino Creations

Honorable Mention...for the funniest school, perhaps ever. A+

Week 35 ~ "Back to School" // MPE Project 366 ~ 242/366

Week 35 ~ "Back to School" // MPE Project 366 ~ 242/366 By MPE by Irela



Week 36's theme is ..... "It's a BOOK"  

It's a Book

36/52 Oh the Places you will Go! By Ellenburg Photography This shot was edited with the new Florabella Color Play and Light action set ... this set is so much fun to play with.


What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

Well, the big news is that we survived the drama of Hurricane Isaac. We endured 2.5 days of housebound togetherness, and never lost power - but we did occassionally lose internet, phone service and cable. No biggie.  The boys spent most of time honing in on their video game skills. Madison and I played in the studio and watched Sue Bryce on Creative Live. I also finished the last book of the Hunger Games - loved it.

Here's a few from my studio fun with Madison, with my new scarf....

fb 120828 Madison and Doll-10aa

She was so scared that her pearls were going to get tangled in her curls here!

fb 120828 Madison and Doll-7bw

I just like this one, this is her scarf...

fb 120828 Madison and Doll-6aa

And for extra wackyness.....we tried out the newborn nest on her doll with Jefferson's new cheese cloth.

fb 120828 Madison and Doll-14a

And all that was on the first day of lock down. On the second day, I got bold and started offering haircuts...resulting in a rainy trip to the salon for Grant. Hey, you win some, you lose some. 

Upcoming events...today I go to the Doctor for my 39 week check up. Baby Jefferson is scheduled for induction/eviction next Friday - if he cooperates. And this Sunday is my wedding anniversary....and I selfishly do not want to spend Anniversary weekend in the hospital....so it will probably happen. haha.

Wishing you a Great week filled with Family, Fun and Photography! Make it a great weekend...and Happy Labor day Weekend!




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Irela - Thank you Daphne for the mention...... I am doing the {{Prehistoric}} Shuffle!!!! Everyone this week did so awesome...I loved all of them. So next week we will be looking at photos of the little guy. Hope you have a good week and Happy Anniversary.....