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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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This week's "With Food" theme had me craving the minis. I didn't own any but thought it was a great time to invest ...and I say invest because these guys are like $20 + a pop. So I bought 5 and ordered a few more. (ridiculous, I know for a girl who doesn't have a 100mm Macro lens) I thought, "Oh this will be easy. I'll bring the minis to the studio and stop by the store and pick up something I'll cook for dinner and Wham, the shoot and dinner. Easy Breezy." Not at all. Not Even close.  Seriously, this was hard.  So when you get ready to try your mini shoot. Get some long medical tweezers. These little painters are about the size of my fingernail on my ring finger. Every bump and move they fell between the asparagus. Drama. 30 minutes worth. And those tiny paint cans - Yikes there were 5 and they kept falling inside the space between my finger and my fingernail and bouncing on the floor. The two shown here are a miracle. So minis - tough but fun. Worth trying after a glass or two of wine.

29/52 Painted Asparagus is Hard work

I loved all the fun places you guys took your food shots this week. We went to the zoo, and the ball game and everywhere in between. Great work and thank you for keeping this weekly theme in some part of your busy week.

Our top ten is always in no particular order. When you enjoy the artist, check out the link to their work directly below the shot. Artist's if you'd like to be featured in our weekly top ten, just open the HTML sharing on your photo. Here we GO...

ONE {You really forget how giant these animals are until you stand next to one. This is one brave little guy standing next to this giant. Wonderful shot. Love the POV.}

29/52 With Food

29/52 With Food by Melisa

TWO {Love how blue his eyes are in this field of green. Simple gorgeous framing between the stalks.}

29/52 - Sweet Boy in Sweet Corn

29/52 - Sweet Boy in Sweet Corn byKara Gootee-Robinson

THREE {Happiness is a frozen treat at the hot hot summer zoo. Love the detail in the freckles and eyelashes. You've got quite the beauty there!}

{With Food} week 29/52

{With Food} week 29/52 by karisworld

FOUR {One word: Hilarious. I love how you find a way to work baseball into so many themes. I can't wait to see what you come up with this week. People in animal masks are always a hit in my book.}

With Food

EP Project 52 - 29/52 - With Food by Lissa

FIVE {Salt and Pepper. It goes with everything. Great texture and detail in your chunky subjects.}

Wk 29/52: Salt and Pepper

Wk 29/52: Salt and Pepper by Tony McCann

SIX {Watermelon smiles are everywhere this time of year but have never looked better than right here. We've had 2 run thru our home in the past week and I still haven't gotten one bite. I'll try harder this week to be home when they cut it open.}

29/52 Theme: Food

29/52 Theme: Food by Catcher In My Eye

SEVEN {Very creative find for this week. Love your "With Food" focus.}

Project 52 - Topic - With Food

Project 52 - Topic - With Food by norasphotos4u

EIGHT {Adorable. It's awesome that I can still see the wonderful frozen ice still on it. That can't possibly happen in Alabama. I'd never make it out the kitchen door without a full drip. Great shot of your adorable subject.}

EP52 29/52 {with food}

EP52 29/52 {with food} by Anita

NINE {Great star burst of light on your spoon. Super fun. Sugar makes everything better.}

29/52 with food

29/52 with food by Detta Owens

TEN {Wine! I'd love to try this but I seem to drink all my wine.  Super lovely. All the circles are FAB.}

29/52 - With food

29/52 - With food by Jennifer Nealy

Week 30's theme is "Something NEW" 

Sneak Peek alert! Week 31's theme will be METAL

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?

This week started with adventure - same as ever week around all the Ellenburgs. Jefferson found a Christmas ornament from the National Lampoons Vacation movie and it plays "Holiday Road" - So I've heard that song over and over again. He looked so cute running around with it. I let Michael take it away from him.


Got some highlights.


Bought some vintage crates.

Which made me think of this photo.


Tried out the Rocking Horse.


And the crates.

Hired an assistant that works for Sonic Slushes.

And became a pear farmer. (I baked them. They were FAB)


It's been quite the week! Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and Photography! Make it a GREAT week!



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Kelly - I love to see you smiling with your slushie loving assistant.