Week 36, our Book Favorites!
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Thursday, September 06, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Week 36 was great challenge - a mystery even....Each day I'd tune in and try to guess your book. It was fun that our group had both some wonderful classics and some books I hadn't heard of. I felt like a total rock star when I'd guess your shots, but I enjoyed being stumped too....just one of the many reason's I enjoy our fun group.

On with the top ten ... our top 10 is always in no particular order. The artists information is located directly below each shot - if you enjoy the shot, check out the artist, chances you're their next biggest fan. And who can have too many of those?

Here we go...

ONE {So tiny. So serious. What's not to love? PS - Haven't read this one yet....or seen the movie....I've got to check it out}

EP 36/52 {Its a Book}

EP 36/52 {Its a Book} By ib4luvnit The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

TWO {I like the pink pops and they way this seems to defy gravity. Very cool.}

It's a Book..."3 Cups of Tea".

It's a Book..."3 Cups of Tea". By Joyful Reflections Follow me on my blog! {My Blog}
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THREE {This is just so cool. I love the black and white. This is such a great find and a wonderful share for the group this week.}


192timeless By jodiemasterman

FOUR  {Great cool tones and fun shot. The eyes really pop. And awesome book...it gets better every time I read it!!}

Project 52 Week 36/52 - It's a Book

Project 52 Week 36/52 - It's a Book By Fur Will Fly Pride & Prejudice......

FIVE {Wonderful processing. I love the grainy texture to the shot - very nicely done.}

gone with the wind

gone with the wind By jules1836

SIX  {Great color choices and one word comes to mind, Bubblicious. That's right. Love it.}

Week 36 - It's A Book

Week 36 - It's A Book By planetrudy The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

SEVEN {Wonderful POV and great dramatic processing - really fantastic shot here!}

Ellenburg Photography 36/52

Ellenburg Photography 36/52 By Andrewfierro

EIGHT  {I was excited to guess your book - and realized I haven't read it...but I did rock out the movie. Love the perfect shadows and the hint of a fence. Excellent tone.}

36/52 ~ Its A Book... Red Dawn

36/52 ~ Its A Book... Red Dawn By Moopiecow

NINE  {I'm a sucker for a baby this week. Heck, most weeks. You are really doing an amazing job with your newborn photography. Love the detail you are able to capture. Great shot, perfectly wrinkled baby hand detail. Love it.}

Week 36 - How do I love you?

Week 36 - How do I love you? By jenfosterphoto

TEN  {Irela, your inner nerd is showing. This shot is so awesome. I laughed out loud. Your husband is such a great sport. I can't wait to see what he'll do for you next week. Wonderful work!}

Week 36 "It's a Book"

Week 36 "It's a Book" By MPE by Irela "The Dragonslayer"



Week 37's theme is "Interesting Perspective" - I chose to photograph my baby girl today - in full tutu and bun head. There is something so grown up about a tiny girl with a giant bun of hair.

37/52 My Bun Head

37/52 My Bun Head By Ellenburg Photography

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

I wish I could say my new thing was sleep...but I've been a bit nervous this week. Every day I played out a new dramatic place that my water could break - rendering me helpless waiting for the cast of Grey's Anatomy. Drama. But as it's Thursday...and I'm still pregnant, this seems like an incredible waste of my time.


This week I tried to do all the things on my long list that seemed to be getting longer. I finished Madison's Super Girly Purple Palace.




Michael finished Jefferson's room adjacent to the Man Cave. And a long list of odd things like changing every burnt light bulb and tossing out every stitch of junk mail.


And he picked him up some game day gear for the baby. I mean, he needs it for Saturday.


We enjoyed a great first Saturday of College Football on our anniversary weekend. We usually hit the big A game, but enjoyed watching it this year with our feet up. Madison cheered with the best of them. {All day}


Saturday, I sat in my same seat for the past 3 years on the 35 yard line in the super hot Alabama sun and watched the first Jags defeat of the season. Mike even added a ticket for Jefferson...which I thought was hilarious. I said you know he's probably "free" this year since we'll be holding him ;-) He didn't care. I used his seat to prop my feet up.


I celebrated my last day being pregnant {maybe ever} - this is me Thursday, perfectly rounder than ever...but super happy.


As I close on the end of the day with a list shorter than it was longer, I'm still nervous and excited all at the same time. I'm having a baby today. Many thanks for all the warm wishes and prayers being sent our way this week. It really made us feel special. We will be at the hospital at 5:30 Friday Am. Hopefully we'll end our day with a healthy bouncing baby boy and start the next chapter in our happily ever after.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and photography! Make it a great week! Many thanks to the wonderful participating photographers who make this group a joy to lead.




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Irela - Thank you for the feature Daphne. I have to say this week was amazing with all the book titles. What a great group. Good luck today and I will keep you in my prayers. {{{{{Doing the Dragonsalyer Shuffle}}}}}