Week 42, Our Fluffy Favorites!
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Friday, October 19, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Sigh, only 10 more weeks of 2012 Photography fun. This year is really flying by. Week 42's theme was Fluffy. Fluffy fun had our Project 52 photographers really thinking outside the box. We saw some really great stuff - pets, plants and some tasty treats. It's always awesome to see so many great perspectives on our one word themes.

Here comes the top ten...

ONE {Awesome idea for this week. Great texture and wonderful color. You set this up perfectly. Great work!}

Wk 42 - Fluffy

Wk 42 - Fluffy By clwick

TWO {I love everything about this shot. The beautiful soft tones mixed with the bright red pop and and gorgeous sparkling eyes. One word: Masterpiece. Get it on a wall.}

42/52 {Fluffy}

42/52 {Fluffy} By DoubleLPhoto

THREE {Fantastic color pop and great selective focus. Beautiful!}

Week 49 Fluffy Asters

Week 49 Fluffy Asters By Catino Creations

FOUR {This is a great find. So fluffy with so much detail - the overall vanilla tone makes this shot fantastic!}

EP 42/52 {Fluffy}

EP 42/52 {Fluffy} By ib4luvnit

FIVE {Fantastically fluffy - beautiful macro detail and I love the yellow pop! Really makes this fantastic!}

EP 42/52 'Fluffy'

EP 42/52 'Fluffy' By Jillustrated

SIX {I really love the bokeh'd background to your fluffy find! Great sharp detail!}


Fluffy By SillyAngel0906

SEVEN {I love this beach grass. It's so fluffy and wispy - great lighting!}

Week 42 - "FLUFFY" // MPE Project 366 ~ 288/366

Week 42 - "FLUFFY" // MPE Project 366 ~ 288/366 By MPE by Irela 



EIGHT {This is total art. Love the texture and the gorgeous warm tone from the sun.}

42/52 ~ Fluffy

42/52 ~ Fluffy By Moopiecow

NINE {Great POV - I love how serious your fluffy cat looks through these fluffy webs!}


fluffy By jules1836

TEN {Beautiful Literal fun. A sharp spoon filled tasty treat! Great idea!}

Week 42 - Fluff

Week 42 - Fluff By jenfosterphoto

Most Entertaining Shot of the Week {Fluffy Hair. You can't beat this great expression and big wonderful eyes! Great fun here!}

Ellenburg Photography 42/52

Ellenburg Photography 42/52 By Andrewfierro

Week 43's theme is "SPOOKY" - just in time for the Halloween fun that seems to be everywhere. I call this one, "Blind Bird"

FB 121018 bird-02manhatburn bw

This is a shot of the spooky graveyard bird in my neighbor's yard. I added 2 florabella textures and then took this shot through Silver Efex 2.0 

What's new with Daphne?

The biggest thing going on in my house this week was the new sibling photo. Seriously, I photographed Tuesday, and decided my boys could use a hair cut, since this will be on the wall like - FOREVER. So Wednesday came with haircuts, a repeat shoot and a 20x30 canvas masterpiece.

FB 121016 Ellenburg Children-08BW canvas

I Also got to photograph the first hair pull. It did not go well. But it was funny.


We watched the debates....and Mike and I followed it with an inappropriately entertaining comedy. I sure LOVE all things Adam Sandler.


This happened. Jefferson was not as entertained as I was.


Jackson and the Satsuma Alabama Gators had another great football game. {I cheered so loud I woke up Jefferson.}


And tomorrow, Ellenburg Photography has a booth at the annual Harvest Festival....where we will be launching our new baby plan! Hooray!


Wishing you a wonderful week of Spooky fun, Family and Photography!




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