Week 47, Being Thankful
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Saturday, November 24, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Irving Berlin said it best, "When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep."  Our lives are moving fast, it's nice to slow down and count our blessings. There is plenty to be thankful for.  Thanksgiving created a wonderful backdrop for this week's "Thankful" Theme. It was so nice to peek into your lives to see the things you are thankful for. It was wonderful to see we put a value on a lot of the same things. Not surprisingly, family topped most of our lists. As a wonderful Thanksgiving has come and gone, my wish is that we embrace all the wonderful things we are thankful for and hold them in our heart all year long.


Our top ten is in no particular order. If you enjoy the artist, the link to his/her work is below it. Check them out, become their fans, send them some love. Everyone can use an encouraging pat on the back, so go ahead and pat away. Here we go...

ONE {I love the detail and the contrast from big to small, older to younger. It's a great shot.}

Wk 47 - Thankful

Wk 47 - Thankful By clwick

TWO {Great Wine, Gorgeously set up, love the crisp sharpness of your details and the blown out background. Where there is no wine, there is no love.}


Thankful By SillyAngel0906

THREE {I love the softness of this shot. Great processing. You really captured a great memory to treasure!}

47/52 {Thankful}

47/52 {Thankful} By DoubleLPhoto

FOUR {Wow. Perfect lines, beautiful color and amazing processing. I'm completely fascinated by your island. Great work here!!}


thankful_8678 By jodiemasterman

FIVE {Great focus and idea captured perfectly. Family game night, I think we love it as much as the kids. We had a riddle night that was quite enjoyable after dinner Tuesday, they are still talking about it!}

Week 47 - Family Game Time

Week 47 - Family Game Time By jenfosterphoto

SIX {This was photographed like the cover a greatest hits album where every song was probably titled, Irela. I love it. Great shot. They love being the glue holding it all together, don't they? Wonderful work!}

Week 47 ~ "Thankful" // MPE Project 366 ~ 326/366

Week 47 ~ "Thankful" // MPE Project 366 ~ 326/366 By MPE by Irela


SEVEN {Love the focus and reflection. And a wonderful reminder that great things are always better with great friends.}


Thankful By jules1836

EIGHT {My favorite part of this shot is how completely unscary you've managed to make the fog here. Heavy snow, Fog - it's all a win to the kids. Great shot and happy extended Thanksgiving break!}

{Thankful} week 47/52

{Thankful} week 47/52 By karisworld

NINE {Beautiful. Simple. Perfect. Well Done. The pie is a perfect backdrop, but seriously, when is pie not a perfect backdrop? More pie please.}

Project 52 Thankful

Project 52 Thankful By ayers549

TEN {This has a wonderful beach feel and I'm always thankful for the beach. Looking out, Standing on the edge of the water where the waves can just touch your toes, really helps to keep things in perspective. Not everyone can drive a few miles to enjoy this. I know I take that for granted. Wonderful shot.}

Ellenburg Photography 47/52

Ellenburg Photography 47/52 By Andrewfierro

Week 48's theme is "Shake. Rattle. and/or Roll." Pick one, two or three. 

As college football around the country is winding down, Alabama is gearing up for the Iron Bowl. Alabama versus Auburn. I am a HUGE Alabama fan. I know, you don't get it because I'm from Louisiana, but it was in the marriage contract. Michael said if he had to write his own wedding vows that in them would be that I could never root against the tide. I promised, we went with traditional vows and here we are, one big Crimson loving family. It's a big deal here - I'm predicting 59-0. {Fingers crossed} and Roll Tide Roll!

48/52 "Roll Tide Roll"

48/52 "Roll Tide Roll" By Ellenburg Photography

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

This week, I sort of coasted on through sitting by the light of my Christmas tree. {Yes, it's been up since October 15th. I like a full 2.5 months of Christmas Joy.} It's nice to sit back and watch the excitement of the holidays brimming through the eyes of my Ellenburg Babes. Things heard this week: "Do you think Jeffery will come in the mail from the North Pole?" {Jeffery is our house elf on a shelf.} Maybe. "If I get the wish bone from the turkey, can I make a bigger wish because it's a bigger bone?" Definitely. "Are we going to hang the stockings?" Yes. It's been a full week, here's a few exciting things.

Mike landed this "Mis-fortune" cookie. I remember when fortune cookies were cool.


Jeffery did indeed return via elf magic Thursday Morning, just in time for the Macy's day parade.


Here is a photo of my Mother. {Who is rarely in front of my camera} This is the first year, I was able to find something wonderful enough to distract her long enough from the kitchen to allow me to cook a full Thanksgiving Feast. There was too much food. I created everything but the Turkey and the Dressing. Mike makes a fine turkey and I've tried and failed many times to make a dressing as good as my Mom, so why bother ruining another dressing that I would make everyone at least try before I offer apology.

FB 121123 SHAKE-04A

Couldn't you be distracted by this guy? Jefferson is wearing his vintage pilgrim wear. Vintage meaning his big brother, Jackson wore this 12 years ago on Thanksgiving and Grant did the same 9 years ago.

FB 121123 SHAKE-08A

Another first, this week are these...


My husband often brings me flowers, but never sends them via a happy stranger. I got this delivered while with my husband. And immediately thought, these are my favorite flowers, who knows me this well? Ofcourse, it's Michael. So thoughtful, so loving, so Michael. As I celebrate my birthday eve, all I want today is to paint my nails and enjoy an Alabama victory...not just an ordinary victory - I'm wishing for an annihilation. 

I'll be 37 tomorrow. I remember when I thought 30 was old, now if feels like everything before that was just a warm up for the greatest years of my life. 

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with family, fun and photography! Make it a great week!



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