Week 49, Our Hidden Favorites
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Saturday, December 08, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Hidden is always a great theme, because everyone loves a great mystery. When I think about "hidden" masks always come to mind, followed by buried treasure and those pirate movies with Johnny Depp. Masks and hidden, looks like a lot of great minds thought alike this week.

Our top ten is always in no particular order. If you enjoy the work, check out the artist. Visit their links! Leave them some love! Everyone could use an encouraging pat on the back, so please pat away and start today. Here we go!

ONE {So wonderfully inspiring! The soft tone and wonderful mask detail really make these eyes pop. Your baby is gorgeous!}

Project 52 Hidden

Project 52 Hidden By ayers549

TWO {Magic snow - so sneaky! Great idea with hat - very clever!}

49/52 {Hidden}

49/52 {Hidden} By DoubleLPhoto

THREE {This really WOW'd me! What a great find. The colors and textures in the rock really frame this find perfectly!}


hidden_8878 By jodiemasterman

FOUR {Love this soft white processing - makes this fog look perfect! Great work!}


hidden By jules1836

FIVE {Great job on your bold colors! This is such a wonderful shot from a GREAT vacation! I'm so glad you shared it with us!}


Hidden. By Joyful Reflections Follow me on my blog! {My Blog}
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SIX {The ultimate hider perfectly captured! Great idea, love the structure to your black and white. Well done!}

EP "Hidden"  49/52

EP "Hidden" 49/52 By magova

SEVEN {It's so tiny and so perfectly wrapped...what could it be? Wonderfully done for this week's theme!}

Week 49 - Hidden

Week 49 - Hidden By jenfosterphoto

EIGHT {This made me laugh! Love the reds and your latest wonderful costume for your little boxes!}

Week 49 ~ "Hidden" // MPE Project 366 ~ 338/366

Week 49 ~ "Hidden" // MPE Project 366 ~ 338/366 By MPE by Irela



NINE {Beautifully done, like I stepped back in time. I know why they are your favorite!}

49/52 ~HiDDen....

49/52 ~HiDDen.... By Moopiecow

TEN {Love the RED and the great texture - this is a fun shot!}

Wk 49 - Hidden

Wk 49 - Hidden By clwick

Week 50's theme is: "The Eyes Have It" 

Madison Feathers a

Madison is always a willing model .... more so if have something sparkling or feathered. I edited this shot with Portraiture and with Alien Skins Exposure. {I'm really into this new software!} I really like to photograph her with the black backdrop - makes her big eyes brighter!

What's new with Daphne?

It's been such a busy week here! It started with the awesome celebration of my husband's birth. I made a super rich Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie cake - I was a total baking rockstar.


I finished my Annual Christmas letter in record time. {By record time, I mean that only pranced around my house complaining that I had Christmas letter writers block for 2 days instead of 2 weeks.}


Baby Jefferson turned a whopping 3 months old today - for whatever reason I kept thinking he was 4 months, but not so much. He's been giggling and laughing and smiling. He's so much fun. I'm going to take more photos of him with week.


And I found Baby Jefferson the most perfect gift he's too small to use. You know there would have to be at least one. I picked this one. It's so cute!


It's perfect for his baby room!

Today, I'm participating in our local Help Portrait event. Help Portrait is a national event where communities come together to photograph families in need and give them their photos. This event happens this weekend every December. I am participating with the Eastern Shore Camera club. We are photographing 40 families today in Fairhope, Alabama. This group is so organized, there will be hair and makeup, photographers with assistants, backdrops, lighting, editors, and printers. They have this event planned so wonderfully. I'm shooting today, but am really game for anything, {well except hair and makeup.} It feels nice to give back, but especially during the holidays. Call me sappy.

Also, our workshop at the libray last weekend went so well that I was invited back in February where I'll be teaching Photography 101. Hooray!


This week's Tip - visit CreativeLIVE.com this week - they are having their end of the year sale, 20% off - pick something you've been eyeing. This Sale is good through the end of the year. What am I buying?...maybe the wacom pad tutorial or another Sue Bryce or maybe the Bambi Cantrell? How about you?

Only three more weeks left in 2012, make the most of them! Wishing you a great week filled with family, fun and photography!


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