Week 51, Our Traditional Favorites
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Saturday, December 22, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Traditions are not just for the holidays, but it seems that during the holidays everyone has a special tradition. When I was a little girl, we had a candle. It was HUGE and my mom only lit it on Christmas day. It's kind of a weird tradition when I look back on it, but that candle lasted 21 years and every year my brother and I fought over who got to blow it out. It was great to see your traditions, to see all that we have in common and to see the unique things that are part of your family. Christmas is a magical season. You guys captured it perfectly. Merry Christmas.

Our top ten is always in no particular order. The artists links are directly below the shot. If you enjoy the photograph, check out their work and send over some love. Join their page. Give out some praise. Everyone can use a little encouraging pat on the back - so pat away! Here we go...

ONE {Love this POV. The gold just sparkles!}


cracker_8973 By jodiemasterman

TWO {I think my favorite part of this shot is the lines. Great candy lines on a great wire pan of lines. Not to mention it looks so tasty!}

EP 51/52 {Traditions}

EP 51/52 {Traditions}By ib4luvnit

THREE {This is so cool! I've never seen anything like it. Your POV makes it look gynourmous - it looks great!}

Week 51 - Traditions

Week 51 - Traditions By planetrudy

FOUR {Bold colors, perfectly stitched, complete with a video! I love it. You truly captured a beautiful display!}

Project 52 Traditions

Project 52 Traditions By ayers549

FIVE {The most creative self portrait ever. You crafty photographers. I love it. You all look fantastic!}

51//52 Tradition

51//52 Tradition By dettaowens

SIX {When I read this, I decided that you really are the busiest person I know. This is quite a project to take on every year. Hats off to you! A great shot with a great story!}

Week 50 ~ "Traditions" // MPE Project 366 ~ 351/366

Week 50 ~ "Traditions" // MPE Project 366 ~ 351/366 By MPE by Irela


SEVEN {I whole heartedly agree with our group - this is so Norman Rockwell and the most perfectly edited Santa shot I've ever seen. It's full of mystery and holiday magic. Start patting your back immediately.}


Tradition By pthurmond1

EIGHT {Beautifully nostalgic in black and white. Gorgeous. And the Christmas tree might be one of my favorite holiday traditions!}

51/52 ~Traditions...

51/52 ~Traditions... By Moopiecow

NINE {Beautiful Bokeh and beautiful wrapped gifts. And the gift for you is brilliant - we can't be the only ones that do this consistently. Merry Christmas!}

Project 52 Week 51/52 - Traditions

Project 52 Week 51/52 - Traditions By Fur Will Fly

TEN {I love the star bursts. They make a fantastic backdrop to this tasty creation! Michael's house looks fantastic!}

Christmas Tradition ~ "Gingerbread House".

Christmas Tradition ~ "Gingerbread House" By Joyful Reflections  

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Week 52's Theme - "It's Not the End" 

52/52 A Great Beginning

52/52 A Great way to End 2012 By Ellenburg Photography

Looks like the Mayan tricked me into some extra calories this week, and a few less workouts. No hard feelings here Mayans. I got to try a gingerbread milkshake and a peppermint chocolate chip shake that I would have ordinarily turned my head to. Yes, two milkshakes in two days. So who's the real winner? I think it's me. Here is a great moment from my not so end of the world week.

And here's another one just because I love them so stinking much. {And because I love Christmas photos in black and white.}

fb 121221 Santa Visit-02

Speaking of the Not the End...now is a great time to join Project 52 for 2013. We've got lots of new faces joining our group everyday. Check it out here.

What's New with Daphne Ellenburg?

It's been a full week of adventure here...

Attended mass and sneaked a peek to next week, just to make sure. {Like you didn't look.}


I spent a lot of time painting my rental house. My opinion, there is nothing worst that painting a house you don't live in. This color is called Guacamole. Why? Because I love guacamole. It was a fate moment at the Lowe's paint counter.


Considered becoming a farmer {same as every year}


Was disturbed by this hallmark ornament. Seriously, check it out in a store near you.


Consumed 2 milkshakes in 2 days - a new personal record.


Wishing you a wonderful End to the fun 2012 Season! It has been a pleasure to share my life with you and to become such good friends with so many of you this year. The 2012 photo project has been a delight to host. Thank you so much for participating. Be sure to tune in next week for a special reveal! 

Merry Christmas where ever you are, I know Santa will find you and your amazing family.



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Angelia Sims - Daphne,
These are wonderful picks! My friend Detta shares your project 52 with us every time she is featured. What fun they had doing the self-portrait. Too cute! I look forward to taking part in 2013. :-) Merry Christmas!

P.S. The milkshakes were an excellent choice for the last day treats! Wish I would have thought of it. :-)
Catherine Cella - Daphne,
Thanks for the feature! I too think Michael did a great job! It's been a fantastic year! LOVE the Santa photos...priceless!

I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, Holiday and New Year! Cheers!!!!