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Monday, October 06, 2014
By Daphne Ellenburg
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Just across the street, past hundreds of sailboats, I could almost see forever enjoying the cool salty air of Pass Christian, Mississippi. This is where they grew up, met and fell in love. Their love is the kind of love story you love to read about. Cautious, long, slow, bubbling with passion and building to this beautiful day at the Blue Rose Mansion surrounded by family and friends.


Their families shed tears of happiness, glasses were raised in honor of their pledge to love each other forever, and everyone danced. And while they danced and smiled gazing into each other's eyes I remembered the words said to them as they exchanged rings. The hands that wear these rings are the hands that will always reach for YOU, they will wipe away both tears of joy and sadness, they will gently hold and nurture your unborn children and even when they wrinkle with time they will still be the hands that reach for YOU.


Amanda and Jessie, thank you for such a wonderful day surrounded by so much beauty. I was so proud to be your photographer. Your family and friends made me feel like one of the gang. I've never gotten so many hugs or given so many high fives. Your love was radiant. I've never seen a groom smile bigger or all night like yours.  Thank you for allowing me to document your special day.

xoxoxo, Daphne


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9263 E


Amanda was absolutely stunning in her vintage gown by the fantastic ladies at the Timeless Bride.


Ellenburg Photography | 141004 Amanda-9302 bw E


The gazebo was perfect from top to bottom.


Ellenburg Photography | 141004 Amanda-9400 E


Ellenburg Photography | 141004 Amanda-9346 E


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding |141004 Amanda-9379 bw E

Jessie spent time with everyone before the wedding, especially the little people.

Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9564 E


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9574 E


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9645 bw E


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9700 E


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9745 E


They beamed for the first dance. Everyone couldn't keep thier eyes off you.


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9898 E


He said, You will always be Daddy's little girl.


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9919 bw E


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9808 E


Smoking Hot.


Ellenburg Photography | 141004 Amanda 9427 bw E


Special thanks to the wonderful sister of the bride who made this day happen for me when I photographed her beautiful wedding over 5 years ago. She is still as lovely today as she was then.


Ellenburg Photography | Wedding | 141004 Amanda-9957 E


Many thanks to the vendors who worked so hard to make this day special, especially the friendly and extremely professional staff of the Blue Rose Mansion.

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