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Sunday, May 07, 2017
By Ellenburg Photography
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This Mother's Day we asked you to come in and be photographed with your child. That is a tall order to swallow. Not everyone wants to be in front of the camera and everyone knows that the least photographed person in everyone's family MOM. So many people stopped by dressed beautifully with their babies, asking my camera to be kind. I know what is running through your head...Will my child behave? Will you make me look beautiful? What if my baby cries the whole time? What if it's too hot or too cold? What if it is really crowded? Will people be watching me take my portraits? Arrrggggh! Sometimes all of these things get in the way of what is truly important. Being Present in Portraits. 

Mother and Daughter

No matter how many portraits you take or who takes them for you, one day hopefully a very long time from today, will be divided amongst your children. And they will look at them and remember each day and wouldn't it be great if you were in some of them? I make it easy. I send you a list of things to bring and ideas for wardrobes. When you step in front of my camera, I will pose you and light you like a masterpiece. We will practice some portrait yoga - trust me, you will thank me for it. I will have FUN with your babies ensuring they will smile and enjoy the time they spend with you in the studio. We seriously laugh a lot.

Mother laughing with daughters

 I will show your love back to you in stunning portraits that will melt your heart. You will look at them and remember how it felt to hold him and how you wish he could be this little again. I love little. 

Mother with Son

 You will have just as much fun as your sweet baby. And when it's fun for your baby, it will be easy to come back again and again.

Mother with Daughter giving thumbs up

Of all the gifts this great life has to offer, a Mother's love is the greatest gift of them all.

Mother with Son

Be present in portraits. Not just for you, but for your babies. Give them a portrait with you that they will look at and immediately know how precious they are to you.  You can do this. And we also should be doing it more. This Mother's day, think about what you are leaving behind to be remembered. Happy Mother's Day.

Mother with daughters



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