Week 50, The Eyes Have It
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Saturday, December 15, 2012
By Daphne Ellenburg
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"The Eyes have it" was a wonderful week 50 theme to photograph some of our favorite eyes to look into. It was nice to see so many beautiful children this week. The eyes of a child. There is nothing quite like it. Everything is so exciting to them. The smallest thing makes them twinkle like a star or cry like the rain. I think my favorite is that spark when they learn something new. Every day with the ones you love is a blessing. Without having to talk about it, Friday was a tough day for us, but so much worse for so many.  This weekend, I know we are all holding our babies a little closer. I get a little misty when I gaze into those tiny eyes that look just like mine.  I know you are too.  Pray. Pray hard.

Here we go...the top then is never in any particular order and I don't choose them at any particular time. I love them all week and really struggle to snag out ten every week. If you enjoy the artist, the link to their work is directly below, please visit their sites!

ONE {Sparkling baby blues. Do you know what I love the most? Those tiny baby dips under the eyes - it's the cutest!}

Week 50 ~ "The Eyes Have It"

Week 50 ~ "The Eyes Have It" By MPE by Irela



TWO {Just amazing lighting! The warm tone really makes this shot fantastic!}


eyes By jules1836

THREE {I love all the textures in this shot! They really set off these sparkling eyes!}

The Eyes say, "I like!"

The Eyes say, "I like!" By Catcher In My Eye

FOUR {Awesome bold colors!  And A+ for creativity and being able to put that model together! Fun shot!}

Project 52 Week 50/52 - The Eyes Have It

Project 52 Week 50/52 - The Eyes Have It By Fur Will Fly

FIVE {There are so many beautiful colors to these gorgeously lashed eyes. And you know what is equally nice? I can see you too - great reflection!}

Ellenburg Photography 50/52

Ellenburg Photography 50/52 By Andrewfierro

SIX {Awesome texture - and such a wonderful idea for the theme. I love the shadow - makes it perfect!}

Wk 50 - The Eyes Have It

Wk 50 - The Eyes Have It By clwick

SEVEN {Gorgeous processing and gorgeous eyes. She certainly has the look!}

50/52 ~ The EyEs have it...

50/52 ~ The EyEs have it... By Moopiecow

EIGHT {I love these big eyes and pouty lips. Great processing. She's so cute!}

Project 52 The Eyes have it

Project 52 The Eyes have it By ayers549

NINE {Wow. Super model! She is lovely - they eyes certainly do have it.}

50/52 {The Eyes Have It}

50/52 {The Eyes Have It} By DoubleLPhoto

TEN {Great color pop. Her eyes have so many wonderful colors! She is adorable!}

WK 50 - The Eyes Have It

WK 50 - The Eyes Have It By Cramershots

Week 51's theme is "Tradition" 

I photograph all my babes every month for the first 2 years. They change so much those first two years and I love that I can capture that exciting time for them. Baby Jefferson is 3 months old, isn't he a doll?

fb 121209 Jefferson 3 months-18a copy

What's new with Daphne Ellenburg?

I started my weekend by working with the Help Portrait project in Fairhope, Alabama. Help Portrait is simple: Find someone in need. Take their portrait. Give it to them. It's such a wonderful experience. If you get the opportunity to do it next year in your area, do it. It's a GOOD feeling.



I photographed baby Jefferson's 3 month shots. He's such a happy baby! That makes me a Happy Mommy.

Jefferson 3 months

Michael breathed life into this terrible annoying toy. Madison now has a virtual crab. Beep after terrible beep ... he remains alive and well fed.


I found this treasure in Grant's Holiday bag of fun. Best candy ever in here.


I Wrapped a few Christmas gifts, Shopped for boots - unsuccessfully, and mailed out all my Christmas cards. But mostly, I'm working at one of our rental houses getting it ready for a new year of renting. I'm spending today painting. Sad face.  

The count downs continues, 7 days left according the Mayans...10 days til Christmas, just in case, make these the best 7 days ever!



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Debbie Godard - These are ALL beautiful and inspiring, Daphne! My goal for 2013 is "more photography"!!! Maybe I will actually participate in Project 52:)

Thanks, also for joining us in the #Help-Portrait project!! Giving your time and talent to help people in need is a great way to spend a day, right??

I wish you & your beautiful family a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year! I hope to see more of you in 2013:)